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iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 pro max: Charging speed reviews


The iPhone 14 series has been finally released in the market only this month. Now, as the product has already been started to be used and reviewed, there has been much collective information on the product usage.  In this article, we are covering iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro max charging speeds. Let’s look at the difference and compatible charging capacity between the iPhone 14 series charging speed.

A Chinese website called Chongdiantou has tested a variety of Apple power adapters on the new 2022 iPhone models. They have tested the base model of the series as well as its top-end variant. The test basically showcased the charging rates of the two iPhones and even suggested which charger is the most valuable for fast charging. 

Charging rates:

iPhone 14 series charging speed

Apple’s official 30W USB Type C power adapter offers the best charging output and should work best with the latest generation of the iPhone series. The charging rate for both iPhone models is speculated to be similar charging rates. 

Similarly, the test of both iPhones with multiple Apple chargers, revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a maximum charging speed of 26W to 27W while the iPhone 14 has a charging speed of 25W. This was all revealed by  Chongdiantou, where high adapters were tested. The site revealed that higher power adapters can charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max at up to 27W. 

Apple has not revealed the official information about battery capacities.  Whereas, the company only said the new series offers an all-day battery life.  Previously, Apple has said, iPhone 14 Plus features the longest battery life than any other iPhone. The charging rates of the phones aren’t much of the competition compared to their android counterparts. However, with the iPhone 15, we expect much more upgrades to the battery as well as charging rates.

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So what do you rate between the two iPhones from the iPhone 14 series charging speed? Also, what are your thoughts on the latest iphone 14 series? comment your thoughts in the comment section. stay updated on our website for more news and articles related to gadgets and technologies.

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