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Apple iPhone 14’s Selfie Camera Reportedly Costs Three Times More Than Its Predecessor. 



From the rumors, it’s certain that the new Apple iPhone series get a massive upgrade in its camera segment. One of the big upgrades arriving with the iPhone 14 is the selfie camera. This article covers the rumors of the iPhone 14 series camera costing three times more than the previous iPhone.

While the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max also get a 12MP autofocus front camera. And a new 48-megapixel camera main camera at the rear compared to the previous iPhone 13 Pro series. 

According to the rumor Apple is allegedly looking to buy high-end selfie cameras for its next-generation iPhones. Whereas apple looks at LG Innotek to supply the camera. In Apple history, it will be the first time that the iPhone’s front-facing camera would be made by a Korean company. 

iPhone 14 front camera

Furthermore, Apple is reported to use a high-end camera front camera forward in the new iPhone 14 series. And will not be using the low-end front camera they used in previous iPhones.       

Though the rumor is not confirmed LG Innotek’s camera was supposed to be used on the iPhone 15. But apparently as per the rumor, Apple moved the schedule forward in a hurry. So from the rumor, we will expect to see iPhone’s front camera be made by LG Innotek.

Because Apple faced some quality problems with Chinese-made cameras during the quality testing.  Therefore the Chinese manufacturer will be replaced with the LG Innotek for the iPhone 14 generation.

At last, is high time that Apple’s front camera needed to be upgraded. And if the rumors come out to be true the iPhone 14 models will have autofocus on their selfie camera with a wider aperture of f/1.9 over the previous iPhone 13 Pro f/2.2.   


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