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iPhone 15 to be launched with USB-C type port 

With the current decisions made by the European Union for USB-C port applications on all smartphones by 2024, it seems apple has finally acknowledged the step as well. Apple, unique with their iconic iPhone lightning ports for years is finally bringing changes to the next iPhone. It seems that the next iphone 15 series will be the first-ever smartphone to switch to the feature. Let’s get into the details of the iPhone feature USB-C cable.

USB-C Cable Confirmed

The big change was confirmed through Apple marketing lead Greg Joswiak during an interview with The Wall Street Journal. In the interview, he stated that the company will replace the Lighting port even if his team is not happy with the change. He even claimed that the Lightning port and USB Type C port would never have been invented if Apple had previously switched to micro USB ports. He added that switching to USB Type C ports from Lightning ports would also lead to a lot of e-waste as well. The switch could make people get new ones and discard the old ones. 

The marketing lead hasn’t confirmed when the USB C will start to be in use. The Apple executives said “the Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers” which is a sophisticated way of saying nothing about the timeline for the switch. Joswiak refused to answer whether Apple will ship a connector sold outside the EU, but that seems very unlikely.

However, this isn’t the first apple product to feature the USB-C cable. The 10th gen iPad already has featured it along with mac models as well. So, we could predict that apple smartphones would slowly embrace the feature as well. 

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