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iPhone 15 Pro models to come with RAM Upgrades of upto 8 GB


With the buzz of the upcoming iPhone 15 series launching this year, there are reportedly lots of Leaks hinting at what the upcoming iPhones might be like. Once again there has been a report leaked on the pro models of the iPhone 15 series stating that Apple might be upgrading the DRAM on these models. Let’s get into it. 

iPhone 15 Pro models to get RAM Upgrade

The report from TrendForce a Taiwanese research firm, states that the iPhone 15 models will upgrade their DRAM capacities to boost the performance of the flagship. While there aren’t specific details, the report suggests that the Pro models could be upgraded to 8GB of RAM, from the current 6 GB RAM. 

The regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will probably not have any upgrades on RAM. Besides the capable upgrades, the report also suggests that these models will also be upgraded to LPDDR5 RAM after the current iPhone 14’s LPDDR4X.

If the reports are true then this will be the first-ever upgrade after the 6GB RAM introduction on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Rest of the iPhone 15 Pro highlights:

The rest of the rumors aren’t much more detailed, but there are rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might swap out and replace an iPhone 15 Ultra. The Pro modes will most probably be equipped with the new Apple A17 chip. We expect an 8K recording in the ultra model as well. There is a high expectation that the iPhone 15 whole series to feature a USB Type C charging port. 

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