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Apple iPhone 15 enters early Trial production in China


Just recently Apple created hype after the debut of the iconic iPhone 14 series, but its upcoming successor has already started to heat the market. The iPhone 15 series is already heating the market, with time to time new leaks surfacing all around. But now it seems that it’s not about leaks but even has started to begin trial productions. Let’s get into the details.

According to the latest reports from Foxconn, apple is now starting its trial production of the iPhone 15 in China. Foxconn stated to start early production to begin a new product introduction (NPI) for the device. The process sorts out the production needs and debuts the device’s design and overlook. 

The early trial production is happening in two countries India and China making the production different. However, mass production is several months away after the trial productions. According to the report, Apple is planning to reduce the gap between China and India production timelines. As of now, Apple kicks off actual production in China six to nine months before India.  

The ultimate goal is to shrink the gap between Indian and Chinese production by a couple of weeks and shift 5% of the total production to Indian factories.

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There have been few reveals of the upcoming iPhone 15 series. The biggest factor change is the USB type C ports to be replaced with the lightning ports. Similarly, iPhone 15 pro max might swap with Apple iPhone 15 Ultra as its high-end model. The new iPhone 15 ultra will have 8k of video recording and might be powered by the new Apple A17 chip. The vanilla iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will likely have the current A16 chip.

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