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“Exclusive Leak: iPhone 16 ‘DeLorean’ Prototype Renders Reveal Bold Design Changes and Innovative Features”


The highly-anticipated iPhone 16, codenamed ‘DeLorean,’ is still in the works, but a recent MacRumors article spills the beans on some interesting design experiments by Apple. Leaked pre-production renders showcase potential alterations to the back design and button layout. This post will dive into iPhone 16 leaks and features.

iPhone 16 leaks and Features

iPhone 16 leaks and Features:

One of the renders shows an iPhone X-inspired camera setup with a vertical pill housing two lenses. In a bold move, the yellow prototype introduces a unified volume rocker button, departing from the separate volume up and down buttons we’ve seen since 2010.

All three prototypes boast capacitive Action Buttons above the volume controls, with the black model featuring a notably larger button. The pink and black renders return to a more familiar camera design, housing each lens inside a metal ring.

iPhone 16 leaks and Features

The black model has a unique feature an additional capacitive Capture Button below the power button. Rumored as “Project Nova” within Apple, this button is expected to provide force touch feedback and double as a shutter button for the camera. Excitingly, the Action Button is anticipated to be a standard feature across the entire iPhone 16 series.

We will certainly get additional information on the upcoming iPhone 16. As the days go by new news and articles have certainly popped up all over the internet. We will keep you updated as soon as new information gets circulated.

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