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RIP iPhone SE, might not launch in 2024


The iPhone SE experiment started with its debut after its release in 2022. After the launch, the next generation is expected to get its debut in 2024 by Apple. But it seems as if the SE model will no longer continue, according to a report by noted Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Let’s get into it. 

iPhone SE 4 was rumored to be the next-generation SE model and release in 2024. However, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that apple has instructed its supply chain partners that production and shipment plans for the 2024 iPhone SE to be canceled, and not delayed. If this happens, apple is sacking the most affordable flagship iPhones in its product portfolio. 

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Moving on to the second concern, Apple is working on its own version of baseband chips through reports. As per Kuo, the iPhone SE 4 was supposed to be the test device with the baseband chip for Apple just in case things go wrong. This might increase the chance of Qualcomm supplying baseband chips for the iPhone 16 generation. The SE model cancellation changes Apple’s plans of experimenting with its custom in-house modem chips. 

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This will help benefit Qualcomm, the American chip manufacturer after the cancellation of the iPhone SE. Qualcomm will keep supplying Apple until at least 2025 if this will actually happen for iPhone 16 series. 

Thus Qualcomm will keep continuing to dominate the global high-end mobile baseband chip market this year and the next.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the statement. Let’s see what Apple has to say about the iPhone SE in regarding future. 

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