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Did you know? Apple has been using Sony camera sensor for iPhones 


Apple always has kept silent about its supply chain on its iPhone specifications. Whenever there’s a release on the market, we barely know about the smartphone’s detailed specifications, including third parties issues. Even though sometimes there’s a leak reveal there has been no confirmation to date. 

But recently, apple has finally kept everyone out of the dark regarding its camera sensor. iPhones are popular for their cameras for their amazing performance and image quality. So what sensors have the iconic iPhones been using? Apple has finally revealed itself from the long-term silence.

apple using Sony camera sensor

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently posted a photo of him roaming around with a team of Sony cameras. He posted an image that shows that the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, is making him explore the camera department of Sony.

Furthermore, Cook reveals that Apple has been using Sony Semiconductor image sensors. Apple has been using it for over a decade to create the world’s leading camera sensors for iPhone. Apple uses camera sensors, which are currently one of the best in the market. And it seems both parties will continue collaborating for a long time.

This probably means that the recently launched iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 pro max feature the sony camera sensors as well.

Recent rumors point out that Sony’s new image sensor can capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings. This enables a smartphone camera to clearly photograph a person’s face even if the subject is standing against a strong backlight.

We are hoping that this technology will be used in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. In addition to the new sensor, the iPhone 15 is expected to feature a periscope lens for much longer optical zoom – likely around 10x zoom. 

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