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Khalti’s Biggest Payment Jatra Offer: Win Bajaj Pulsar N160, iPhone 14, OnePlus 11 & More.


Khalti has announced one of the biggest Payment Jatra where a customer gets chances to win lots of bumper prizes that include Bajaj Pulsar n160, iPhone 14, OnePlus 11, SmartTv, Cashbacks, and various gift vouchers. Therefore in this article, we will discuss in-depth on Khalti’s Biggest Payment Jatra offer.

What is Khalti’s Biggest Payment Jatra Offer?

The Biggest Payment Jatra from Khalti includes various Bumper prizes, Weekly Prizes, Daily prizes, and other offers. Whereas the prize can be easily won by paying for various Khalti services. Futhermore the offer has started from Jeth 1, 2080, and last till Asar 32, 2080.

Additionally, Khalti Payment Jatra introduces Nepal’s first Digital Scratch card and Daily Khutruke prize that you can break to collect various gifts, cash-back, vouchers, and more.

How to Participate in Khati’s Biggest Payment Jatra Offer?

Bumper Prize

Moving on the bumper prize of the biggest payment jatra includes a chance to win 5 bajaj Pulsar N160 within 2 months which consists of 4 rounds. Whereas round 1 starts from (Jesth 1 – Jesth 12), round 2 (Jesth 16 – Jesth 32), round 3 (Asar 1 – Asar 15), and Round 4 (Asar 16 – Asar 31). Additionally, to participate in this offer you need to make 2 payments within Khati for each round. Futhermore customers who participate in all 4 round gets a chance to participate in 5th round.

Khalti biggest payment jatra offer

Coming the second bumper prize during the Khalti Biggest Payment Jatra offer is a chance to win 2 iPhone 14 by paying Worldlink’s internet bill (1 winner) & booking a flight (1 winner) through the Khati app.

Talking about the bumper prize customer will get a chance to win Oneplus 11 during the Khalti biggest payment Jatra by simply paying insurance premiums through Khalti. Along with the bumper prize 8 lucky customers will also get a chance to win 8 smart TVs within 8 weeks.

Daily Prize

Similarly, during the Biggest Payment Jatra period, customers can find the Jatra section in the Khalti app where a “Khutruke” appears which will be refreshed every day that can be broken to get various gifts every day.

Moreover, when completing a payment above Rs.100 within the Khalti Biggest Payment jatra period (Jeth 1 2080 – Asar 32, 2080) give you a scratch card which is the first digital scratch card in Nepal. Therefore scratching the digital scratch card gives you a chance to win various service coupons, smartwatches, earbuds, movie tickets, and more.

Note: Fund load and Bank Transfer won’t be a valid transaction

Khalti Biggest Payment Jatra Offer Prize Summary

Prize Requirements
Bumper Prize
Bajaj Pulsar N160 2 transactions for every round
5 Round
iPhone 14 Worldlink Payment & Flight Ticket Book
OnePlus 11 Insurance Payment
100% Cashback
Meroshare Renewal
Meroshare Renew
Weekly Prize
Smart TVInsurance Premium payment 
Daily Prize
KhutrukeBreak Khutruke every day
Scratch Card Transactions above Rs.100


Also, make sure your Khalti account is KYC verified before participating in any of the offers above. Whereas also read all of the terms & conditions for the offers you participating in to make your transaction a valid one for winning the gift.

Whereas according to Khalti winner will be announced on Facebook Live from the Khalti Official page whereas the winner’s list will also be published on While to claim the prize from scratch card winner should send a coupon code to Khalti officially on social media.

BTW What are your thoughts on Khalti’s biggest payment Jatra offer? Do comment below.


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