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Kharpann – Earn Money from your freelance GIGS

Over the past few decades, the number of people looking for employment opportunities in Nepal has been growing exponentially. As a result, the unbalanced ratio of jobs to workers (demand/supply) has forced many people to move into major cities or fly off to distant countries hoping to make a living.

However, Kharpann, a team of young entrepreneurs, are changing the scene for good. With the recent launch of their product, ‘Kharpann – Do Swift’, the team is enabling people to work on multiple short one-time jobs called as ‘gigs’. These ‘gigs’ are mentioned to be straightforward and short enough for the general population to perform in their free time without being bounded to working hours. Interestingly, the young CEO, Mr. Pragyan Subedi says that the product is only a connecting platform for clients and freelancers and thus, freelancers are encouraged to keep 100% of their earnings.

Currently, the platform supports 5 categories (hashtags) of gigs:

  1. #RideSharing – for traveling locally from one place to another
  2. #VehicleRental – for renting vehicles i.e. either a bike, car or a cycle
  3. #Delivery – for ordering food, cake or a household item from any area
  4. #Media – for hiring professional musicians, photographers and cinematographers
  5. #BeautyCare – for booking makeup and hairstyling sessions

The light-weight Android application (~6 MB) supports user interchangeability which means that a single user can either request for services as a client or perform requested services as a freelancer. The main page of the app itself hones two sections as ‘Post a #GIG’ and ‘Work on a #GIG’ for clients and freelancers respectively.

For ensuring safety, security and quality of services from the freelancers, the platform is enforcing a strict verification program for proof of skill and user identity in order to work as a freelancer. This process alone has been able to contribute as a major factor for why clients have been opting in for using the platform. The platform also allows freelancers to work on more than one kind of hashtag and thus, ensures that freelancers do not run out of gigs to perform. For example, a freelancer working on #RideSharing gigs can also perform #Delivery gigs if found suitable to do so.

The platform gives out a strong message of work equality and is expected to revolutionize the way people earn opposed to working in a typical 9-5 job. No wonder the app was number 1 in the ‘Trending’ section of the Google Play Store in just a day of its release.

You can Download the ‘Kharpann – Do Swift’ app from the Google Play Store by going through this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kharpann

And for iOS users, the app is said to be released on the App Store soon.



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