OnePlus 5 Rumors and Leaks

Latest Rumor Suggest OnePlus 5 Will Have 8GB RAM

With no doubt the popularity of this Chinese Tech giant company “OnePlus” has rapidly been grooving to extreme. The top-notch features in every of its flagship at half the price of the competition are the reason of its growing popularity. And according to recent rumors, OnePlus is planning to unveil OnePlus 5 to the world soon.

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Yes, we are about to see the successor to OnePlus 3T i.e. OnePlus 5, since 4 is considered to be unlucky to the Chinese. As rumors are in the air, OnePlus 5 is expected to have 8GB RAM, which can be true if we look at the history of OnePlus, OnePlus 3 was launched with 6GB RAM back in 2016 when mobile market was dominated by 4GB RAM flagship smartphones.

OnePlus 5 Rumors and Leaks
OnePlus 5 Concept Image | PC: TechConfigurations

Another rumor suggests, OnePlus 5 to have Qualcomm  Snapdragon 835 CPU with Adreno 540 GPU to power it, which is no surprise for a “Flagship killer” smartphone.

Well, in today’s smartphone trend, display quality is also one of the most important aspect and neglecting the previous 1080 x 1920 resolution, OnePlus 5 is expected to switch into 1440 x 2560 resolution (Finally). Alongside, a frame with a thinner bezel is also rumored, which, if true, will be similar to those of Galaxy-S8 and LG-G6.

Talking about the uniqueness of OnePlus 5 lies in its Camera. According to rumor, OnePlus will go with vertically arranged Dual-Camera sensors on upcoming OnePlus 5.

Launch date for Oneplus 5 is expected to be on the 2nd half of 2017.

We don’t have any clue regarding its storage and battery capacity. Stay tune for more news regarding OnePlus 5 in the future. The above mentioned specs are just rumors, so please take it as a grain of salt.

Are you guys excited to hold this on your hands?? Do let us know your thoughts for this leap to 8GB RAM in the comment section below.

OnePlus 5 Concept Video by TechConfigurations