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“Exclusive Look at the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: Leaked Renders Reveal Refreshed Design and Potential Android OS Integration”


According to various sources, Samsung is now working on a new fitness tracker. The new fitness tracker will be called the Galaxy Fit 3 as per the resources. Certain leaks and renders have started surfacing on the internet in recent times. In this post, we shall discuss all the Leaks and Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3.

Leaks and Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3:

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 have surfaced, revealing some exciting changes. The new fitness tracker appears to be larger than its predecessor, sporting a wider display capsule with a sleek metallic design. Unlike before, the watchband no longer holds the capsule; instead, Samsung seems to be opting for non-removable straps.

The leaked images showcase the Galaxy Fit 3 in a stylish rose gold hue with a light pink strap, hinting at a fashionable design. However, anticipate a variety of colors when Samsung officially launches the device.

Leaks and Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

One intriguing addition is a button on the right edge of the device, though its purpose remains a mystery. It could serve as a shortcut button, a dedicated back button, or introduce a new functionality altogether.

Notably, there’s speculation that the Fit 3 might run on the Android OS, a departure from the rtOS-based OS seen in the previous Fit 2 model. If true, this shift could bring enhanced features and capabilities to the device.

On the health-tracking front, the Fit 3 seems well-equipped with an optical heart rate monitoring sensor at the back, complemented by Pogo pins for convenient charging.

Despite these promising hints, actual details remain a mystery. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for additional information on the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 and its potential to transform fitness tracking.

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