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“LG Commits to Long-Term Software Support: Five Years of Updates Promised for 2024 and Beyond WebOS TVs”


LG is stepping up its game in the world of smart TVs by promising a solid five years of updates for its webOS TVs. In an era where we’re all glued to digital platforms like YouTube and Netflix, smart TVs have become a household staple. However, keeping these devices up-to-date can be a concern. In this post, we shall dive into LG WebOS TV Updates and discuss what LG has in store for its consumers.

LG WebOS TV Updates

LG WebOS TV Updates:

Imagine adding a new smart device to your collection and worrying about whether it’ll get the updates it needs. Even Android phones have had their fair share of update issues. But fear not, LG is changing the game with a commitment to providing updates for at least five years for webOS TVs.

The promise kicks in with the introduction of the 2024 model televisions. So, if you’re eyeing a sleek new LG smart TV in 2024 or beyond, you can rest easy knowing that it will receive updates for five years. Remember that this commitment only applies to LG smart TVs produced in 2024 and onwards. Other brands using webOS will still handle their updates.

It’s similar to how Google takes care of updates for its Pixel phones, leaving other phone manufacturers to manage updates on their own. In the world of smart TVs, LG is taking a step towards ensuring that your TV stays smart and up-to-date for the long haul.

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