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MacBook vs Windows Laptop


In our recent article, we have covered the differences between iPhone and android. While the smartphone community has been dominating the technology article, computers have been an essential part of our daily convenience. In this article, we are covering two popular laptop computers: windows and mac. What makes them dominate the market? it is by their respective operating system. Windows laptops are so universal and popular because they are supported by the windows OS. However, the mac computer is no less! they run after the macOS operating system provided by apple and that’s it!

Here are the few differences between these two Laptop computers and what makes them each special. If you’re wondering to choose one of these, here are a few features that might help you choose a computer for your requirements.


laptops on windows 11.

Windows laptops and even pcs as well have a wide range of computers to select from for many third-party brands. That means numerous hardware and accessory choices for your computers. Computer brands such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo, hp, ripple, MSI, and many more provide numerous different types of computers based on performance quality, storage, size, price, and other factors. So, if you are opting for a particular computer according to its specific features, voila!! There are numerous brilliant laptops!!

The mac book

While Apple only makes Mac computers, therefore, their iconic design is very uniform, and we do not have much choice for their hardware and designs. There are limited design options to choose from. However, the sleek MacBooks don’t disappoint on their overall look, but once again windows laptops have a wider range. From day-to-day essentials laptops, business computers, and really cool gaming laptops. These computers are optional and multi-purposeful.

Operating system :

windows operating system or mac OS

The main specifications of these two types of computer are its os system. The main difference is that Macbooks are preinstalled with the latest version of Mac OS, while most come with the latest Microsoft Windows. However, mac runs through an intel processor that let both windows and macOS run on their system. 

Mac os was developed by apple, and specifically designed for apple mac computers. Its latest version is mac 12.0.1. This operating system is designed to sync, on other OS including ios( iPhone,iPad), WatchOS (apple watch), and tvOS ( apple tv). These OS are backed up by iCloud drive that creates an easy platform to work and use between these devices. You could easily use built-in apps like notes, messages, photos, etc available on your mac.

Windows developed by Microsoft runs on numerous platforms unlike apple, which runs on its devices. Its current and latest version is windows 11. Unlike macOS, windows don’t have built-in apps so relying on third-party apps is the only option for windows. This fault leads the computer to be attacked by viruses and the computer system to lag.

Other technical specifications:

Both mac and pc laptops feature similar hardware like ram, hard drives, and graphics cards, their speed and capacity vary from one another. However, mac has a better reputation than windows for their better performance, for example, their amazing graphics that draw in people like graphic designers, artists, and anyone else looking for fantastic visual elements.

 Mac offers a standard selection of features including a Superdrive, audio in and audio out, USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, and Ethernet. Windows laptops on the other hand offer comparable features but with added bonuses like Blu-Ray players, TV tuners, touch screens, and HDMI ports.

The connection also is different between these two computers,  Macs offer a pretty standard selection of such features, including USB and HDMI ports.


windows gaming software

Windows is popular for its software experience, now mostly for gaming. Many platforms for software and applications, make windows better than mac. You might currency see lots of gaming laptops in the market gaining popularity. This is because many game developers don’t opt to release games on mac os. This is most obvious in business computing where many applications are standardized for Windows but are not available on Mac.

New Project 38

Apple is known for not equipping their baseline Macs with powerful internals which leads to these baseline Macs becoming incapable of gaming. With its limited software option, apple fails to lead on this feature and capture an audience who wants access to wide software usage.


Both of these computers also have different price ranges, whereas macs have a more expensive range of laptops from 1000$. While a variety of windows laptops are available in ranges lesser than that, that necessarily doesn’t mean there aren’t any high-budget Laptop computers. If you’re wanting to buy a computer that performs basic tasks and simple word processing then there are lots of laptops that are less expensive than MacBooks. Wanna know the price of these two different types of laptops in Nepal? Click below:

In the end, the price comes with needs with high priced computers also come with more special features. If you’re opting for a budget-friendly price there are many excellent options, for general laptops. Both of these computers have their own strong points like the MacBook offers, security, and durability. Windows offers software choice and price. What are you choosing your money to install on?? The choice is yours.

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These were the few difference between these hot, popular dominating computer brands. If you want to know the prices of laptops then don’t forget to visit our website. We have a wide range of laptop prices updated and kept on track. 


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