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Mac Pro M2: The Most Powerful Computer is now Available in Nepal for Pre-Order


At Apple’s WWDC conference held on June 5, the company unveiled exciting upgrades for its flagship desktop computer, the Mac Pro. This high-performance machine, known for its power and capabilities, will be equipped with the advanced M2 Ultra chip, promising enhanced performance and efficiency.

While the Mac Pro has seen different design iterations over time, including the polarizing “trashcan” model, the upcoming version will retain the familiar appearance of its predecessor from 2019, which features a distinctive and functional design. Despite the unchanged external look, the internal upgrades and cutting-edge technology make the new Mac Pro a highly anticipated addition to Apple’s lineup. Today, here we will look into the Mac Pro price in Nepal and its availability.

Mac Pro specifications

  • Chipset: M2 Utra
  • CPU: 24-core, 32-core Neural Engine
  • GPU: 60 core
  • RAM: Upto 64GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display support: Simultaneous support for up to eight displays
  • Audio: Built-in speaker
  • Input Devices: Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad, Magic Mouse, Optional Magic Trackpad
  • OS: macOS

Mac Pro Price in Nepal and Availability

However, the Mac Pro comes with a hefty price tag yet again, starting at $6,999, and the exact cost of a fully upgraded version is still undisclosed. This price may seem unimaginably high for many customers.

However, when comparing it to the previous model, which was only $1,000 cheaper. While it remains a significant investment, the cost of the Mac Pro is relative to the power and performance it offers in the current market.

In Nepal, the mac pro is already available for pre-order in Oliz Store for the cost of Rs. 1,170,000.

Apple Mac ProPrice in Nepal
Mac Pro M2Rs. 11,70,000


Mac Pro Price in Nepal

The new Mac Pro may not look different on the outside, but it has undergone significant internal changes. It no longer uses Intel’s Xeon CPU or AMD’s Radeon Pro graphics; instead, it employs the M2 Ultra chip, which is also used in the new Mac Studio.

The M2 Ultra chip features a 24-core CPU and a powerful GPU with up to 76 cores. Additionally, it starts with double the memory and SSD storage compared to the old Mac Pro. Apple claims that the M2 Ultra chip will make the new Mac Pro three times faster than the Intel-based version. The new Mac Pro can support up to 192GB of memory. These specifications are similar to those of the new Mac Studio, but the larger Mac Pro chassis offers more room for expansion capabilities and additional ports.


Mac Pro Price in Nepal

The new Mac Pro offers a wide range of connectivity options. It has a total of eight Thunderbolt 4 ports, with six at the back and two on top. It also provides seven PCI Express Gen 4 slots, with six available for expansion. The Mac Pro features three USB-A ports (one at the top, two at the back), two HDMI ports supporting 8K resolution and high frame rates, two 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a headphone jack.

An interesting aspect is that the Mac Pro doesn’t have a fixed back panel; instead, all the backports (six Thunderbolts, three HDMI, two USB, and one headphone) are on the included PCI Express card. The tower version supports Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.3, and there’s also a rack-mount option for added versatility.


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