Machine Learning and why learning it might be fun


Machine learning can be thought of as a sub field of Artificial Intelligence. By no means, I consider myself an expert in this topic. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be one either to start writing some basic code in Machine Learning. First let me explain what machine learning is and why I find the whole concept appealing.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the field of study that works on making computers learn and predict stuff without being programmed. It is basically a computer (program) which has a mind of its own and can learn on its own. This field is getting more vast and complex each day. Researchers are pouring hours upon hours of study in this field due to its promising future.

Why machine learning is cool.

In case you haven’t noticed, machine learning is everywhere. The moment you say “Ok, google” and ask something to your android device, Google gets a little bit better at speech recognition. Similarly apps like Pinterest uses it to deliver the content that is likely to keep you engaged. Any big company gathering information on you might be using machine learning to improve their services. And getting better at it with each passing moment. So basically if there is data, there is a chance that machine learning can be used. And with a bit of programming, anyone can get started with writing machine learning programs. Which brings me to the next topic.

Why getting started is easy.

Coding machine learning programs from scratch is a difficult task, even for an experienced programmer, let alone a newbie. But fortunately there are libraries like TensorFlow and Scikit for Python that you can use to start writing machine learning code in around 6 lines. Also there are tons of tutorials online to help you explore this topic. One of my favorites is the video series from Google’s youtube channel “Google Developers”.

From the moment you write your first Machine learning program, you start to see its potential. Additionally, free datasets are available online waiting for eager minds to play around with. People have used them to do all sorts of wacky stuff like Random Youtube comment generator, Random Pokemon generator and many more.

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