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Makibes Z11 and Makibes ZL01, budget smartwatches Launched In Nepal


Smartwatch, as its name implies, is smart and makes your life very convenient. Who knew receiving calls and replying the messages could be done without taking out the phone of your pocket. Taking care of our health and staying fit has become easier with a smartwatch. Moreover, it also helps in monitoring your heartbeat, tracking your daily activities, and reminding you about your diet, and other crucial meetings and gatherings. The smartwatch can even be your travel buddy, it sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Smartwatch is a full package that can be your entertainer, assistant, health guide, as well as a fitness trainer- all at your wrist.

Makibes is launching two of its best smartwatches in Nepal. Makibes Z11 and Makibes ZL01 are the smartest of Makibessmartwatch that provide the best experience with HD screens. Moreover, as both the smartwatches have IP68 water-resistance ratings, one can wear them without fearing damage from sweat, and water splashes.

So, let’s get to know more about these budget smartwatches that are going to be launched in Nepal soon.

Makibes Z11 Overview:

The Makibes Z11 is a budget smartwatch that gives you a great experience at the price. Its fine-quality HD screen provides a gorgeous display with vivid colors. It is fashionable with a 10.7mm slim design, a skin-friendly wristband, a metal body that realizes the combination of modern technology, aesthetics, and functions. Talking about functions, the watch comes with real-time heart rate monitoring throughout the day, helps improve exercise efficiency through its variety of settings, and many more.


Display 1.54 inches, square IPS screen, 240 x 240 resolution, Single touch screen
Band material Silicon
Chip Realtek RTL8762CK
ROM 512K
Water Resistance IP68
Bluetooth BT4.0
Functions Heart rate measurement, Blood pressure, sleep monitor, reminders, OTA
Battery 170mAh
Charging time 1-2 hours

Well, as for the design, Makibes Z11 is quite similar to the Apple watch with its trendy rectangular body. The smartwatch body is made up of zinc alloy and its band is made up of Silicon. The Z11 has a lightweight body that won’t trouble you much. Moreover, you’ll have a classy and premium-looking smartwatch that’ll spice up your OOTD. Also, the smartwatch has IP68 waterproof rating that will protect your watch from water splashes, rain, and sweat.

As for the display, makes Z11 features a 1.54 inches IPS LCD display with 240 x 240 pixels resolution. The display provides you with gorgeous, sharp, and colorful visuals. The smartwatch has a full touch screen method of operation as well. Furthermore, the display is protected by a 2.5D curved glass, a tempered glass screen that is scratch and chip resistant.



Under the hood, the smartwatch is powered by a RealTek RT8762CK processor coupled with 64K of RAM, and 512K of ROM. The smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0. And, it has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity as well.

As for the health functions, Makibes Z11 has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and sleep monitor as well. Moreover, it also monitors your exercise with distance and calorie consumption.

Furthermore, the smartwatch has multiple sports modes, call, and message notifications, along with reminders such as drink reminders, sedentary reminders, break-even reminders, find phone, and many more.

As for the battery, the Makibes Z11 comprises of 170 mAh battery with a standby time of 15 days and 7 days of normal usage.

Makibes ZL01 Overview:

 The Makibes ZL01 with its slim bezels and lightweight gives spices up your style and eases your life at the same time. Its HD resolution screen enriches your visual experience with vivid colors. The functions of Makibes ZL01 are similar to that of Z11 along with the health functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and many other functions that ease your life.


Display 1.3 inches, Round IPS screen, 240 x 240 resolution, Single Point Touch Screen
Band Material Silicon
Chip HS6620D
Water resistance IP67
Functions Heart-rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Sleep Monitor, Reminders
Battery 200mAh

 The Makibes ZL01 has a round screen with a silicon band. Its slim bezel and elegant matte finish give your wrist a good stylish look. The smartwatch weighs about 45 grams and won’t feel heavy on your wrist. Furthermore, the ZL01 is given an IP67 waterproof rating; so, you can even go underwater without worrying.

As for the screen, Makibes ZL01 features a 1.3 inches IPS LCD display with a 240 x 240 pixels resolution that provides a clear and vivid visual experience. The smartwatch comprises of single touch screen method of operation as well.

Under the hood, the smartwatch sports an HS6620D chipset that is coupled with 64KB of RAM and 512KB of ROM. Furthermore, the ZL01 runs on Android 5.0 and iOS 8.0 and is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. 


As for the health functions, the ZL01 comprises various crucial functions such as real-time heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitor, and g-sensor.

Besides these, the smartwatch also features other functions that ease our daily life such as real-time message reminders, read message notifications, step tracking, etc. Moreover, the ZL01 also has some additional sports functions, such as step tracking, outdoor riding, swimming, and more.

As for the battery, the ZL01 has a 200mAh lithium polymer battery. The smartwatch has 7-10 days of standby time and 10 days of normal usage.


Makibes Z11 and ZL01: Price in Nepal

The budget smartwatches from Makibes- Makibes Z11 and Makibes ZL01 are now available in Nepal. It is priced at Rs. 5,999 and Rs. 4,999 respectively. The smartwatches come with a 1-year replacement warranty as well. 

Model Price In Nepal
Makibes ZL01 Rs.4,999
Makibes Z11 Rs.5,999




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