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My Map Offers Offline Maps For Nepal

We often use Google Map for travelling to unknown places and even to search around for restaurants, petrol pump, hospital, parks, etc. But sometimes you may find yourself lost with no data packages left or in places with no network coverage. To save you from such trouble, Vedamic Technologies offers you an offline map app — My Map. Let us see some of the features and reliability of this app in this article.

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Completely offline app

My map offers you an offline maps in your palms of all the places of Nepal. All you have to do To Get Started is download the app from google play and it works completely offline. All the map location on my map are very accurate. You can also search places from the search tab located on the upper screen. The App offers free map based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) data with accurate details.

My Map Offline Maps
My Map Offline Maps

Offline navigation

My map is just more than a sheet of map on your palm, it also works as your Navigation Guide just like Google Map. You can hit Get Directions button and select your destination you want to go. The app will then guide you through the routes so that you won’t get lost. This feature also works completely offline. However, you need to turn on your Location for the app to determine your current position.

Offline Navigation

Easy to use Interface


The app is easy to use for any person. It also works with nice speed. The app shows the distance and fastest route when you search up for a place. Like Google Map, there is also an option to chose your destination directly on the map if you don’t know the place name. The roads and paths on the map are easy to follow and keeps your confusion away. You can also Zoom In and Out for more details. My Map is also completely ad free which makes it the best app to use.

My Map Interface


The Apps reliability is excellent. It determines your accurate position and gives an accurate guide to reach your destination. You can also search for important places like Food, Gas, ATM, Banks, etc and the app sorts you those places with nearest locations. The distance is also specified on its side. Another useful feature is that you can bookmark places for later use. With this feature, you don’t have to frequently search for same place.

My Map

Other Feature

  • Finger Gestures to Rotate Map
  • Compass Support for easy navigation
  • Share your locations with Friends and Family
  • Interactive Map elements for specific places like Pharmacies, Banks, etc.
  • Mark Location feature

My Map is a very useful app in context of Nepal. If you are stuck in a rural area or other unknown places where Network Coverage is very low, this app can be a life Saver. This app is available for free in Google Play and is completely ad-free. Tell us what you think about My Map in the comments section.

CLICK HERE to download My Map for Android.



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