MAZE ALPHA – Another upcoming Edgeless Smartphone


It’s not much that MI Mix had been the center of attraction for its Bezel-less stylish appearance in-spite of its limited availability which could be heard from the users. Being this the scenario, one of the replacement for MI MIX could also be of this Chinese Company MAZE. This Chinese company is jumping into the razor-thin bezel less theme presumably called as Alpha. The mysterious device comes from Shenzhen-based mobile component manufacturing company Maze, which would be listed on the long-listed Chinese mobile manufacturers like Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus etc.

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Even if the concrete details are not available, it is expected to have 6” or 5.5” bezel less screen which would get stretched from the edge – edge, and cover the majority of the front screen with AMOLED display. The resolution is also not confirmed, but the rumors are not less than 1920X1080 which is powered by the android 7.0.

MAZE Alpha edgeless display
MAZE Alpha edgeless display

From the teaser image on company official website, Maze Alpha shows the silhouette of how and what are the things that we would expect. Seeing the eye-catching caption on the picture been provided, we can assume that MAZE could be opting to low-cost processor and GPU to make the retail price down.

MAZE Alpha edgeless display
MAZE Alpha edgeless display

The second image is a little more revealing and shows the thin bezel design on the front and a dual-lens camera arrangement (and flash) on the rear, while the camera might be SONY-based module.

While there are no any information about how other aspect of this phone would get, it would be a surprise for all of us till late April as this new competitor is rumored to hit the market by late April of this year.

So, this year many smartphones are about to steal the show. Let us know how you feel about Maze Alpha in our comment section below.

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