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Finally, MDMS is implemented in Nepal


Today, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has implemented a new rule regarding MDMS. MDMS is a centralized government-owned system that keeps a record of all phones and electronic accessories that arrive in the country through their unique IMEI numbers.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has announced this declaration by issuing a public notice. Furthermore, the event also took place in the presence of NTA, MPIA, NMDA, and other concerned authorities. Previously, it was proposed to get implemented from Jestha 2078. However, due to the second wave of Covid and other reasons it was delayed. But finally, after a long wait, it is here. 

mdms in nepal

The Authority has taken this decision to solve the rising issue of the import of grey smartphones. Furthermore, it will also make it easy to track lost or stolen gadgets. Therefore, NTA has now made IMEI registration mandatory.  

One important thing you need to understand here is the phones that are not registered at the NTA won’t be able to use in the country. This will apply to all the new phones that are brought into the country. Whereas, you don’t need to worry if this is in the case of old phones, as they will automatically get registered.

Furthermore, the NTA has asked people to buy only the registered phone. With the regulation of this system, Nepal’s telecommunications Authority can easily block smartphones that are brought without any custom clearance. 

You can easily verify whether your IMEI number has been registered or not by going through the authority website i.e and thereafter doing registration in the portal. If your IMEI number is verified, you don’t need to register but if it’s not registered, you need to get register otherwise your mobile will show no signals on the network. 

So what do you think of MDMS implementation in Nepal? Will, it really stops the import of grey smartphones? let us know in the comment…


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