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Meta Quest 3 Announced Surprisingly with anticipated chipset and Design


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg made a surprise announcement about the launch of Meta Quest 3, a robust virtual and mixed-reality headset. It could be the best VR headset after it is launched, and estimated to launch in a budget-friendly price range following the legacy of Quest 2. In this article, we will discuss the Meta Quest 3 pricing, features, and launch date.

Meta Quest 3 Price in Nepal

Virtual and Mixed Reality

Before diving into the device directly, let’s understand virtual and mixed reality first. Virtual Reality (VR) is a type of technology that creates a make-believe world using computers. It makes you feel like you’re actually inside that world by showing you realistic scenes and objects. To experience VR, you wear a special device called a VR headset or helmet.

Meanwhile, Mixed Reality (MR) is like a magical combination of the real world and the virtual world. we will be wearing special glasses that allow us to see and interact with things that are not there. With mixed reality, we can see and touch virtual objects as if they were part of our real surroundings. It’s like bringing imaginary things to life and making them feel real. It’s a super fun way to explore and play with things that we can’t usually see or touch in the real world. And the specialty of Meta Quest 3 is, it is both a virtual and mixed-reality headset making it special and powerful.

Meta Quest 3 Specifications (Leaked)

HeadsetMeta Quest 3
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
Display typeLCD
Refresh rate120Hz
Resolution (Per-eye)2064 × 2208
Field of viewnot mentioned
FeaturesHand tracking,
PC compatibility,
voice commands,
Mixed reality
*Specification of meta Quest 3 Not yet reviled.

Meta Quest 3 Price in Nepal and Launch Date

The Meta Quest 3 will be launched in the fall. we can expect an October launch. Meta Connect is scheduled for September 27 so, we can expect the date will be announced at that event. The Quest 2 has been around for quite a few years now, and although it’s still a fantastic headset, it’s starting to show its age. If the rumors and leaks about the upcoming headset turn out to be true, then it’s worth holding off and waiting for the next version of Meta’s popular VR headsets.

The Meta Quest 3 is announced at a starting price of $ 499. Therefore the converted price in Nepal is NPR.65,738. Futhermore their no information or news on the availability of the Meta Quest 3 in Nepal.

HeadsetPrice in USPrice in Nepal (Converted)
Meta Quest 3$ 499 (Starting From)NPR.65,738

Meta Quest 3 Design and Display Overview

Slightly looking at the leaked specification, we can say that the device is going to have an LCD screen with a per-eye resolution of 2064 × 2208. Looking at the picture that surfaced online, we can predict that Quest 3 is going to be a little bit different than Quest 2 in design.

Meta Quest 3 Price in Nepal

The display now has a refresh rate of 120Hz, which means things will look even smoother. The previous Quest 2 had a mode that could do 120Hz, but now it comes built-in, which is great. We’re not sure about some details yet, like how wide you can see with the headset, but overall, it’s an exciting upgrade.

Meta Quest 3 Price in Nepal

Additionally, it seems that the Quest 3 will use “Pancake” lenses instead of the older Fresnel lenses found in previous devices. This means the headset can be a bit slimmer and distribute its weight more evenly. We prefer the Pancake lenses over the Fresnel lenses, which the PSVR2 uses.

Processor and Performance

The most anticipated part we are going to witness is its chipset. It is being surfaced that the chipset is going to be Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 which is based on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The chip will reportedly be using an Adreno 730 GPU. This is the same processor that Samsung Galaxy S23 has. We can expect more RAM in the new headset since it seems to be using LPDDR5 technology. However, the exact amount of RAM and the storage choices for the Quest 3 are still unknown.

Meta Quest 3 Price in Nepal

Moreover, the enhanced GPU power can greatly improve the device’s ability to handle augmented reality (AR), resulting in better performance for AR apps and products that combine virtual and real-world elements.

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