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Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Launched In Nepal


During this time of the pandemic, we are staying conscious & washing hands more than any time before. Even WHO has advised washing hands with soap for more than 20sec on regular basis. But, using the old-liquid hand wash or the same soap by everyone in the family makes things much more unhygienic. Keeping this in mind, Xiaomi Nepal has come up with its  Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser in the Nepal market. I think it is the best time to launch this product.


Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price In Nepal

This Foaming soap dispenser is very sleek and compact with its cylindrical design and matt white finish. The soap dispenser is equipped with an InfraRed sensor, which automatically dispenses liquid soap when you take your hand 60-90mm near to the nasal. This automatic soap dispenser is equipped with silent motors and works with 4 AA batteries.


Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price In Nepal

You just have to take your hand near to the mouth of the dispenser and it detects it automatically with it’s IR sensor. As soon as it detects your hand, it dispenses the foam in just 0.25 sec. This leads to consistent results every time.

Foaming hand wash soap

Mi Simpleway Foaming Hand Wash price in Nepal

Here, when you buy the product for the first time, Xiaomi will be providing you with a bottle of Simpleway Foaming Handwash soap for free. One bottle is rated to last for around 375 handwashes. Once you finished the soap, you can easily get them in a pack of three for just Rs.1,499 and can easily replace it with just some twist and turns. These soaps are made with Balanced pH and provide a refreshing fragrance after every handwash.

Pricing and Availability

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is priced at Rs.2,299 in Nepal. While the pack of 3 Simpleway Foaming handwash will be available at Rs.1,499 You can easily get yours via preferred offline retailers and online stores.



Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser + 1 Foaming Handwash Soap


Mi Simpleway Foaming Handwash (Pack of 3)


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