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Mini Militia Tips and Tricks

Mini Militia has become really famous among everyone nowadays. People play this game on Android and iOS devices and are really addicted to this game. Mini Militia is a multiplayer game which can be played both Online with players worldwide and with friends by hosting a room or either by joining. This game has become popular on schools, colleges, other public places and many places where people and friends can gather together. Playing this game is very simple -you only need to own either an iOS or android device and have Mini Militia installed on your device. While this game is really fun, playing this game online with other players or with your friends can be a tough competition. So let us explore some basic Tips and Tricks of Mini Militia which will ultimately make you a champ in this game.

Moving Faster Than Usual

You can move faster than usual in Mini militia by meleeing whichever weapon you are holding, This allows you to move fast while walking, flying and even crouching. You can use this trick to escape close quarters combat and save yourself a life. It also saves your fuel and time because with the same amount of fuel you can cover much more distance than usual if you melee while moving. This trick also helps you to jump if you have a very little fuel left.

Escaping direct Grenade hit

In Mini Militia, you can save yourself from direct hit of Grenade. You can use this in extreme conditions where it is almost impossible to escape from grenade. To do this trick, you have to crouch just when you see a grenade approaching near you. You can do this when there are no any other escape routes near you. This saves you from grenade hit almost everytime. If you have full health then you are less likely to get killed after trying this trick. However, if you have very low health then this might still kill you.

Escaping bullets

Crouching during gun fights also reduces the chances of getting hit by bullets from your enemies. When you are getting hits by bullets, the best way to fight them back is by crouching and firing back on your enemies. The chances of taking bullets is high if you try to run away from a pro Mini Militia player. So, it is mostly a best choice to crouch and fight back your enemies if you have nowhere to run.

2x Zoom

You can configure your settings to see twice your view fields by enabling the 2X VIEW. This allows you to see farther distance and also be alert about your enemies and surroundings. To do this, Open Mini Militia on your android or iOS device and then Go to settings. Click on ” CONFIGURE “. At the bottom you will find 2X VIEW option. This option is disabled by default so click on 2X VIEW to enable the option. You will be able to tell when the option is enabled.


Using Shield

Shield is the really great defense weapon. You can use shield to block your enemy bullets easily but it can also do more than that. Shield can also block enemy missiles and Saw gun (chakra) if you know how to hold it correctly. You can tilt your shield in certain angle and it will deflect missiles and Saw gun. You can experiment yourself on how to hold the shield correctly. This will help you to deflect missiles and Chakras to save yourself from losing a life.  Once you carry a shield it is very difficult to kill you.


Instant kill

You can plant mines and poison to the respawn locations so that when your opponent respawns he will have to face instant death by falling on your trap. Just keep in mind that even you can be the victim of your own trap so better safe than sorry. You can either plant mines or poison according to your preference. Be sure to remember the respawn location to plant our trap. In this way, you can give instant death to your opponent.


These are some basic tips and tricks to help you achieve better scores in Mini Militia. With these tips you can surely be a great player and be on the top of the table. For those of you who haven’t got Mini Militia on your phone we suggest you to try this game because it it a great game for everyone. This game allows a great time pass for everyone.

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