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Top Five Mobile Wallets in Nepal


With the pandemic that left a huge impact on the world, digital transactions and online payments have started to rise in their fame in Nepal. While many digital platforms for online banking and payment before weren’t that popularized and limited, now the future of the cashless society is getting brighter. Convenient, easy, secure, and less time-consuming the system of digital payment is done now with various online digital platforms. These platforms provide online services to their users such as online shopping, financial transactions, banking transactions, and many more. So they don’t need to necessarily hand cash and numerous financial transactions can be done easily.


The rise of online wallets as the title says doesn’t really have a long history in Nepal. The first online service was started by Nabil bank, in the early 1990s. They had first introduced credit cards, followed by other banks with similar services. This introduced Nepal to the world of digital finance. Later, the concept of the digital wallet also hit its debut, when e-Sewa was also launched in 2009 by the f1 soft company. This was a digital revolution, in the online wallet system. Since then, there are other lots of companies offering their services.

As the internet growth has begun, these wallets have begun to hit the market. With the recent pandemic convenience, the trend has risen higher. According to the data provided by Nepal rastra bank

Digital transactions or cashless payments in 2018 were NPR 712 billion while in 2019, the amount increased to NPR 1,559 billion. [i] This is an increase of NPR 847 billion in a year.

So today we are here to discuss the top-notch names for online mobile payment in Nepal:

Top 5 Best Mobile Wallets In Nepal

S.NBest Mobile Wallets In Nepal
3IME Pay
4Prabhu Pay
5Moru Pay
This table contains the top 5 best mobile wallets in Nepal


e sewa mobile wallet

One of the most trusted and popular apps for online wallet service, e-Sewa is our definite number one pick. This app not only started the mobile payment trend for Nepalese but also is gaining fame for the number of users and downloads catching on. This 13-year-old service holder was the gateway and an introduction to the online wallet system. Now there are about six million account holders on this app. 

Of course, the hardships that the brand faced before its now gained success were a lot of troubles. At the time it was launched, there were fewer infrastructures in Nepal. Neither internet usage had peaked, and neither smartphone had made its way to everyone’s hand. Also, digital banking was limited, now the company CEO, subash sapkota’s goal is to achieve a cash-free society along with his competitors.

Features about e Sewa:

  • Works as an overall bank of Nepal, it has been provided mobile online license by the Nepal rastra bank. 
  • Utility payments such as electricity bills, water bills, fees, expenses, and shopping are available easily.
  • They also have partnered with the remittance service of Western Union.
  • Also, the launch of eSewa pasal, which is its own online shopping platform. this service provides numerous offers and cash-backs so don’t forget to check them out.

Download the app by clicking the link:


khalti mobile wallet

One of the top competitors in mobile wallet service, this app has also gained popularity since its recent launch on 2017. Now in its fifth year, this app also has numerous services packed into its pocket or also khalti( whatever you prefer). The co-founders are now planning a better service, khalti plans to do some innovation in the digital transaction in the coming days by further consolidating the efforts made to reach the customers.

With more than 60 thousand services, khalti has a wide platform, from banking transactions to utility services, and many more.

Some features are:

  • Utility bills, Top-up, insurance, transfer, and receive your amount easily with Khalti. 
  • khalti has partnered with the OYO hotel chain recently. You can book more than 30 hotels from the OYO chain in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 
  • Online banking services with your related bank account are easy, khalti has linked to almost every bank in Nepal.
  • Available on every platform like the android, web as well as ios.

Download the app by clicking the link:

IME pay

ime pay mobile wallet

IME was first popular for its remittance service and now has taken this platform to next level. Now IME pay is available as a digital wallet, slowly gaining its reputation in the Nepal digital wallet market.  This app provides online banking services such as QR code, bok service, cards, pos service, and many more.

Let’s look at some of the features:

  • Money remittance on more than 200 counties, from 30,000+ IME Agents or from any ATM using an IME Visa card.
  • The services available from this app include airline ticketing, bus ticketing, utility payment, remittance, ISB payment, Telephone bill payment, etc.
  • You can also utilize the service of IME pay as an agent. The app for agent service is available. 
  • You can now earn 6.03% interest on your IME Pay wallet with a maintained balance of 1000.

Download the app by clicking the link:

Prabhu pay

pravhu mobile wallet

Prabhu pay is owned by, the Prabhu group and also has a bank of its own. Similar to other digital wallets this app also has gained the market attention of users. With its simple payment service, it provides mobile wallet facilities such as online banking, utility payment, transfer receive, and many more. 

Features of Prabhu pay:

  • Daily utility facilities such as Topups for mobile, bill payments of electricity, water, internet, travel/movie ticket, and more can be done from the PrabhuPay wallet.
  • The voting facility on your favorite shows or any kind of event can be done directly from PrabhuPAY App.
  • Supports the remittance facility easily from the Pzrabhu pay app.
  • Transactions directly from the app can gain you reward points, where you can redeem gifts and other rewards.

Download the app by clicking the link:

Moru pay

moru mobile wallet

This recent digital app came into existence on 2019 and gained its license from Nepal rastra bank as the sixth payment service provider. The brand states its Vision to be the most trusted and user-friendly digital payment partner, across Nepal and to become a household name for mobile rupee with Moru Digital Wallet. This mobile wallet features a simple wallet platform for creating an account, loading the wallet, and making transactions.

Features of moru pay

  • Mobile top-up services with companies such as Ncell, NTC, smart cell, and united telecom
  • Bil payment, water, and electricity payments travel tickets on a daily basis.
  • It also provides a platform for sellers and buyers to come together online through Kinmel, and the delivery of goods as well.
  • bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer, cards, and real-time bank transfers based on online banking can be quickly done. 

Download the app by clicking the link:

These were the top 5 best mobile wallets in Nepal. Check them out for there are hundreds of services and offers powered by these digital wallet apps. Not only are these few big names but there are also others that are new as well as popular such as namaste pay, CG pay, and many more. Do check them as well. Also if you’re already experienced with mobile banking, share with us how was your experience and what you think should be added for more features. 

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