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Motherboard Price in Nepal: Intel and AMD


A motherboard is a skeleton of a computer that holds all other components or acts as a bridge for these components to work together. It is a very important part of a computer system. Different processors require different motherboards. Let’s learn more about the compatible motherboards for your PC along with the price of a motherboard in Nepal.

Which Motherboard do I need for my PC?

Choosing the best suitable motherboard is a difficult task. Even for a particular processor, you will need a different motherboard for every increase in the generation of the processors. Moreover, you will get a lot of motherboards of different brands in the Nepali market which makes it more confusing. So, in this article, we will include the best motherboard along with its price in Nepal.

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Motherboard for Intel Processor

Motherboard price in Nepal
12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Processor

If you are planning to buy the 12th Gen Latest Intel Alder lake processor, you will be limited with the Z690 motherboard. As this is the latest processor which has been recently launched. However, the Asus Z690 motherboard might be the best option for you as it delivers the best that a Z690 has to offer. Similarly, MSI, Gigabyte, GALAX produces some reliable Z690 motherboards too. Along with this, will be suitable for the 10th and 11th Gen Intel Processors too. 

Motherboard for 12th Gen Intel ProcessorsPrice in Nepal
Gigabyte B660M Rs.18,500
ASUS TUF Gaming Z690Rs.54,800
ASUS Prime Z690Rs.42,800
ASUS Republic of Gamers Z690Rs.74,800
Gigabyte Z690 UD ATXRs.36,800
Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master EATXRs.74,800
MSI Pro Z690Rs.36,800
MSI Pro Z690 WifiRs.42,800
ASRock Z690M Phantom Gaming 4Rs.33,800
11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake Processor

The 11th Gen Intel CPU is the most used Intel CPU currently. The Z590 and B560 are some series of motherboards made especially for the 11th Gen Rocket lake processor. Asus, MSI, ASRock are some main producers of these motherboards in Nepal. They can be even used for the 10th Intel Processor too. 

Motherboard for 11th Gen Intel ProcessorPrice in Nepal
Asus Expedition EX B560MRs.18,000
MSI MAG B560M wifi ATXRs.27,500
Asus Prime Z590M plus mATXRs.33,000
Asus TUF Gaming Z590-wifiRs.40,000
MSI ZPG Z590 Gaming wifiRs.52,000
Gigabyte Z590 VisionRs.34,800
Asus Prime Z590 ATXRs.33,000
10th Gen Comet Lake or lower Generations Intel Processor

The demand for 10th Gen Intel processors is still high in Nepal. It is the best budget-friendly processor. 10th Generation Intel Desktop Processors use the LGA1200 socket and require motherboards based on Intel 400 Series Desktop Chipset or Intel 500 Series Desktop Chipsets. Let’s look at some compatible motherboards for the 10th or lower Generation Intel processors along with their price in Nepal.

Motherboard for Intel 10th Gen or lower processorPrice in Nepal
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming PlusRs.28,000
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge wifiRs.37,000
Asus ROG Strix Z490-ARs.55,000
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming AceRs.50,800
Gigabyte Z490 Vision GRs.36,800
ASRock Z490 Steel ATXRs.31,800

Motherboard for AMD Ryzen Processor

AMD Ryzen 5000-Series (4th Gen CPU)

As per the official AMD announcement, only the X570 and B550 series of the motherboard series will be compatible with the AMD 5000-series CPU. The older B450 and the X470 will no longer support this latest AMD Ryzen series. Let’s look at some of the best motherboards for this processor along with its price in Nepal.

Motherboard for AMD 5000-seriesPrice in Nepal
MSI MPG X570 Gaming PlusRs.26,800
Asus TUF Gaming A520M-PlusRs.15,000
Asus Prime B550M-K Gaming MotherboardRs.21,500
MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFIRs.29,800
MSI MPG X570 Tomahawk WIFIRs.34,800
MSI MEG X570 UNIFYRs.49,800
ASRock X570 taichiRs.55,800
ASUS TUF Gaming-plus X570Rs.36,800
ASUS ROG Strix-FRs.48,800
ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570Rs.74,800
AMD Ryzen 3000-Series or lower (3rd Gen or lower CPU)

The Ryzen 3000-series CPU has received a lot of fame for the performance it games while gaming. It is still appreciated in the present day too. However, this might not always be the best as the AMD 7000-series processor will soon make its way to the Nepali market.

Motherboard for AMD 3000-series (or lower)Price in Nepal
MSI X470 Gaming Plus MaxRs.19,500
ASUS ROG Strix B450-ERs.21,800
ASRock B450M Steel Legend Rs.17,800
ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GamingRs.19,800

In conclusion, we will definitely recommend you to buy the latest motherboard so that you can upgrade and use your processor whenever you can. Similarly, don’t look for a too expensive or cheap motherboard. Buy the one that can fulfill your requirement and go for the expensive one if you are high on budget.

What do you think about the price of a motherboard in Nepal? Be sure to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.


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