MoveIt - File Manager Android App

MoveIt: Easy Storage management Tool and Cleaner

When your device storage gets full – you get a new micro-Sd card to support your storage but you are still transferring the Medias in traditional way and wasting a lot of time with old file explorers but why? When there is app to do that for you, after all apps are here to simplify your work. To save your time a new app has been released in playstore “MoveIt” developed by “Team MoveIt “, so let’s get started.

MoveIt is a utility app to transfer your Images, Videos and Audios altogether to SD card and vice versa. What features does this app has then? Well let’s get onto it.

MoveIt Features:-

Medias Transfer:

MoveIt - File Manager Android App
MoveIt – File Transfer

Many cheap Android phones come with a 4GB or 8GB of storage, while even 16GB isn’t really enough for lots of apps, high-resolution photos and videos, plus a music library. Fortunately, the vast majority of Android phones have a memory card slot, into which you can slot an inexpensive sdcard. And this is where moveIt app comes to rescue Transfer your high-resolution photos, videos and high quality Music to your sdcard. What if you have plenty of storage in your device well don’t worry you can still Use Move it to transfer your files from your sdcard into your internal device storage.


MoveIt - File Manager Android App
MoveIt – Cleaner

Space reduction with junks uninstalled apk’s and cache is also very troublesome and large space occupying. With MoveIt’s inbuilt cleaner you can easily clean your unnecessary and unwanted junk which will help increase your internal memory space, remove cache, junks and boost performance and the speed of your smartphone.

Auto Transfer:

MoveIt - File Manager Android App
MoveIt – Auto Transfer

You transfer your Medias when you run out of space and forget it. Eventually your memory will be filled again and you will run out of space for new ones. With MoveIt inbuilt auto transfer you can choose the folder where your media gets filled rapidly then choose the destination in sdcard folder where you want to move your Medias. It Transfer medias automatically without opening the app.

Preventing internal storage out of space problem, after all Prevention is better than cure isn’t it?

Media scanner:

MoveIt - File Manager Android App
MoveIt – Media scanner

Downloaded a media form app and can’t find where it is? The app has the ability to scan internal and external storage of your device, with this ability it can find your file easily without any delay no more searching file from folder to folder and wasting your time. This is really a handy feature in the app

Other features of this app also includes

Search – Search for Images, videos, and audios in internal storage and SD Card.

Media player– MoveIt has an inbuilt Image, Video and Audio player which helps in viewing your media before transferring or deleting them.

Delete– You can also easily view and delete your media in internal storage and SD Card using MoveIt.

Easy UI– MoveIt has an easy and user friendly UI so that you can effortlessly and easily Transfer your images, videos and audios to sdcard and vice versa.

New Folder– Using MoveIt you can also create a new folder to transfer your Medias to it.

Multi select– You can transfer images, videos and audio altogether at the same time to sdcard and vice versa.

Large Media– Use MoveIt to transfer large amount of your Medias to sdcard and vice versa.

Fast– Transfer your Medias to sdcard quickly.

Sorted Media– Easily transfer your medias as they are sorted date wise.

Media Manager– Moveit also serves as a media manager as it shows, move and also delete your Medias.


  • Simple and easy UI
  • Transfer medias on sdcard  or vice versa
  • Option to Auto transfer everything
  • Cleaner included
  • Well sorted files
  • It’s Free and App is less than 5 MB.
  • Great Feature to search and find Media on Phone.


  • Search problems need to search twice sometimes to get the results
  • does not run on android device below 4.4
  • Well of course ads

Final thoughts

If your phone is low on storage MoveIt is a must have an app to move medias and free up some storage. Not only for moving the Medias, but also to keep your device clean and to reduce the searching time for a particular file. From my usage of this app, I do recommend it to the Android users it is really useful and awesome app to have. For me the best thing about this app is auto transfer feature

It is a simple yet efficient app and does exactly what it says with added features and free of cost, so I would give it a rating of 4/5.

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*Note: This article was written by PsychoFreak for Gadgets In Nepal