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NADA Auto Show is finally here after 4-year hiatus.


After a four-year hiatus, the much-awaited NADA Auto Show 2023 is finally back. The 15th edition of the show is set to start off on the 12th of September (Today) and will last till the 17th of September. Moreover, the event is set to take place at the Exhibition Hall in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. And you can buy tickets for the show from Khalti and get up to Rs.80 cashback.

NADA Auto Show 2023

NADA Auto Show 2023:

NADA Auto Show is gearing up for a spectacular show this year planned to cater to car enthusiasts and the general public. The last time the NADA Auto Show took place was back in 2019 and since then the pandemic and the condition of the Nepalese economy have made conducting such shows a huge challenge. However, NADA is back this time and plans to organize a huge full-fledged show.

According to NADA ” There will be 82 exhibitors will showcase their respective products across 120 stalls. The event will highlight 16 four-wheeler brands, 22 two-wheeler brands, 7 commercial vehicle brands, and 30 financial institutions, spare parts, and accessories stalls.

NADA is gearing up to host an extensive Auto Show, featuring an array of exciting attractions. The event boasts the active involvement of 16 four-wheeler brands, 22 two-wheeler brands, 7 light commercial vehicle brands, 9 financial institutions, and 30 diverse companies specializing in lubricants, tires, batteries, accessories, and more. The show will be meticulously divided into 120 distinct blocks and stalls, each varying in size.

Furthermore, for the first time, the event will include Shuttle Bus Service! The service can be used by visitors to get from their parking space to the event. In collaboration with Mahanagar Yatayat, visitors will be supplied with a shuttle service from various areas.

NADA Auto Show 2023

Book your ticket from Khalti and get up to 20% cashback:

If you’re planning to visit the 2023 NADA Auto Show, you can get yourself a ticket to the event from Khalti. The general ticket costs Rs 200 and for students, it costs Rs 150. However, when you book the ticket using the promo code “NADA2023” you can get 20% cashback. And that’s not all, when you use the promo code you enter a lucky draw where you can win a brand new Yadea E8S Pro scooter.


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