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Ncell Ends Free Facebook Offer Starting 19th Baisakh

After free Twitter services, Ncell put their hands on free Facebook services to its customers around one and half months ago. The free Facebook services was a part of their campaign under “Internet for All”. Ncell had collaborated with Facebook to provide free Facebook to its customers starting 15th February. However, the service is no longer available as the offer met its deadline today. Starting today, using Facebook on Ncell networks will apply regular data charges.

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Ncell Ends Free Facebook
Ncell Ends Free Facebook | PC: Ncell

Ncell is known for bringing out multiple offers and services to its customers from time and again. Previously, Twitter was also free on Ncell until the service met its deadline about a month earlier. Although many customers often complain Ncell for being expensive than its rival Nepal Telecom, the internet packages on Ncell network are fairly cheap.

Many customers had switched to Facebook after the free offer from Ncell. Personally speaking, it was a really good move from Ncell to attract more customers as well as to provide cheap internet to all. Now that the service is no longer available, many people are going to miss it. However, there are also few people who think that it was for good that the service has ended.


Many people believe in Net Neutrality, which simply is the principle that ISPs should treat all data on the internet as same and charge in a similar way. There are possibilities that Facebook and Twitter may later charge customers differently for using their service. Therefore, there is also a need to have Net Neutrality in some sense. However, we do believe that Ncell collaborating with Facebook was to make cheap internet available for all.

We might be seeing such offers and services again in the future. Thanks to Ncell for making this service available to its customers. Please note that regular data charges will be available from 19th Baisakh while using Facebook. On a different topic, Ncell recently announced Rs 30 loan services to its customers without any interest. We will notify you about any such offers in the future too. Until then, keep following Gadgets In Nepal and share us your views regarding the Free Facebook of Ncell.


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