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Ncell eSIM: Get your digital sim immediately !! 🎉


Ncell one of the leading telecommunication currently in Nepal has recently launched its Ncell eSIM. Users can upgrade the eSIM-compatible handsets immediately with the new eSIM launch. Ncell has released certain guides, information, and criteria to help users get their eSIM upgrade easily and faster. Let’s discuss the overall Ncell eSIM launch and how to upgrade it immediately. 

A short introduction to eSIM

eSIM in nepal

E-Sim is an electronic Sim designed with the motive to replace the physical card with a virtual embedded system built on the mobile’s main board. The main advantage of the sim is an easier usage, switching networks, taking less physical space on the phone, and dual-SIM slots. 

In Nepal, the eSIM debuted with NTC (September 16, 2022), which is available for Prepaid and Postpaid users whereas NTC is offering a free upgrade for their user device which supports e-SIM.

How to activate Ncell eSIM in Nepal?

To activate Ncell eSIM, there are two criteria for current Ncell customers and noncustomers. 

Current Ncell users: Send your details including, your Citizenship number, and Email ID, through SMS to 17125. (SMS is Free). Your SIM will be upgraded after the eSIM post-verification.  

Non-Ncell users: Visit your nearest Ncell centre and submit your request for an eSIM plan. 

Data and voice charges in Ncell eSIM: The Ncell eSIM has no different charging than the physical one. The plan rates are similar. 

Which devices support Ncell eSIM?

Well, not all smartphone brands have upgraded their devices to be able to feature the eSIM. However, Ncell has released all the compatible devices with eSIM for immediate access. 

eSIM for smartphones
  1. iPhones:  iPhone XS series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series & iPhone 14 series.
  2. Samsung:  Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip series, and Galaxy Z Fold series.
  3. Google: Pixel 4 series, Pixel 5 series, Pixel 6 series.

How To Check If your Smartphone Supports eSIM or Not?

In order to check if your device supports eSIM, dial *#06#. If it shows the EID number (Embedded Identity Document), it means the device supports eSIM.

Price for Ncell eSIM:

The upgrade for the Ncell eSIM is absolutely free!! For new Ncell users, eSIM will cost the same as physical SIM.

Things to remember:

The eSIM is available only under your name, without any request from another person. All you have to do is provide your valid identification and a few personal details. 

Users can purchase up to 3 eSIM at a time. 

Users can use another local operator SIM and Ncell SIM in the same eSIM slot. But only an individual will work at a time. 

Also, users can change their eSIM to USIM with standard charges anytime. 

Abroad customers:

Ncell eSIM can be supported while travelling abroad by activating roaming service by dialling *17129#.

 Ncell eSIM won’t be available for carrier-locked\sim-locked phones.

This was the general guide through the article for users to upgrade their physical sim to Ncell eSIM. You can immediately start your process for the eSIM purchase. 

What are your thoughts on the Ncell eSIM launch?


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