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Ncell Power SIM – A Tool That Offers Limitless Opportunity For Youth


Though the first seed of telecommunications was bowed back in 1913 by the monarchy, it took around nine decades for a private GSM operator to establish in Nepal. Formerly known as Spice Nepal Private Ltd., now Ncell was the first private GSM mobile operator, established in 2004. Back in days, buying a SIM was as not as easy as it is now. I still remember getting a SIM card at Rs. 1,000 with 500 balance. Now, as this industry is expanding rapidly in our country, we could see how the telecom provides providing attractive deals and offers to attract the customer towards them.

Similarly, a bit ago, Ncell had announced their “Power Sim” with the campaign tag line Sahi Yo!, for the millennials. The SIM is said to be loaded with Data and services. Let see how this works and is it as appealing as it looks.

Ncell Power SIM

Ncell Power SIM & its Offerings

So, the Ncell Power SIM is priced at Rs. 99/- (Including VAT) with that, you get Rs. 20 main balance, a total of 500 MB of Data (250MB 4G Data + 250MB all-time Data).

Ncell Power SIM

Along with this, you will also get free 100 SMS and 10 min to talk-time, though they will be caped to Ncell numbers only. You should keep in mind that this 500MB of data, talk-time, and SMS offerings are valid for seven days only.

Besides these offers, you also get PRBT, Sports, and Music subscription with Sporties, Sports Video, Daami Music, and Hungama Music Pro worth Rs. 300 for FREE for the next 30 days. You should keep in mind that these subscriptions are not pre-activated at the time of purchase.

I got my Hungama Music Pro subscription after 3 days of purchasing the SIM.

Ncell Power SIM


The benefits of Power SIM doesn’t stop there. If you made a recharge of Rs. 100 on the same day, you bought the SIM within the midnight, you will get an additional 150MB of data daily till 30 days. Along with that, you will also get 1-year free activation of Ncell’s My5 service. Under this service, you will be able to select any 5 Ncell numbers and make free calls within them for the next 30 days. After 30 days, the free service will be over, and you will be charged with Rs 0.99 per minute.

Ncell Power SIM

Things to keep in Mind –  I read many reviews online stating that to get these Recharge bonus, you should have a total balance of Rs. 100 or more than that. So if you recharge via the Rs. 100 Ncell recharge card, you will only get Rs. 98 in your balance, so it’s better to recharge Rs. 105 via online vendors like eSewa or khalti to get that bonus. I did the same, and my Recharge bonus was activated automatically.

Spend and Get More

Here is one more benefit of getting a Power SIM. With the Power SIM, after spending a total amount of Rs. 100, you will get 500MB (250MB 4G + 250MB all time) of free Data. This Data will be valid for 5 days. To get the full details of the amount of money you spend, you can dial *17113# any time. Please make sure that the Loan Amount Transferred balance will not be considered in the total amount spend.

Ncell Power SIM

Last but not least

If you Game a lot on your mobile data, then you can get a Gaming pack of Rs. 110 with 2GB of Data and a 1-week subscription for Play live, Gamespark, and Game Plus. If you are someone who loves to listen to online music via Dammi and Hungama Pro music app, then this one is for you. With the Power SIM, if you opt for the 7 days Music pack at Rs. 105, you will be getting 2GB Music Pack data and 7 days premium subscription of both the apps.

But there is a catch – All this subscription will only work when you use them via the Ncell Data connection. You won’t be able to use them with Wifi connection. According to Ncell, you have to pay Rs. 110 for the Gaming Pack and Rs. 105 for Music Pack, but this price does not include tax. I tried to get the music pack with Rs. 110 balance on my account, but it was insufficient as the total amount for Music Pack is Rs. 134.07 and for Gaming Pack is Rs. 140.46 after the inclusion of tax.

My take on the Power SIM

I have been using Power SIM, from the last few days. The offers it brings to the table are compelling and one of its kind. After using this SIM from Ncel, what I have found is that the way it handles the bonuses and offers might be a bit complicated for some consumers. But as it is targeted to millennials, they can quickly get used to this.

Things like Daily 150MB of data, Data bonus after spending a total of Rs. 100 and FREE calling to my5 numbers for a month are the features that I liked the most. With the Power SIM, it’s not like you are getting everything out of the box. Here the more you spend, the more benefits you will get. If you are someone who relays on mobile Data, then you should get this Power SIM as it has a lot to offer.

But there are still a few things Ncell should try to improve. Like their SIMs integration with the subscription, like Hungama Music Pro and other subscriptions. Right now, it works but not so seamlessly. Also, they should mention the total price of the Packs with the inclusion of tax. This will make things more convenient while doing recharge and top-ups.

How can you get the Power SIM?

Ncell Power SIM

Ncell is working on the countrywide distribution of the Power SIM. The might have already arrived at your nearest Nell Centre or Authorized Ncell Shops at just Rs. 99 and you will need the following documents;

  • Original Citizenship

  • Your Passport-sized photo 

  • Original Student ID card

When I went on to get the SIM card at the Authorized Ncell shop at Narayantar, the salesman stated that its compulsory to bring an original Student ID card to get the Power SIM.

So, what are your thoughts on Ncell Power SIM? Are these offers and benefits compelling enough for you to get the Power SIM? Let us know in the comment section below.

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