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Ncell Has Relaunched “SahiYo sim” with Free Instagram!!


Ncell recently relaunched “Sahi yo sim” with nonstop free Instagram for the first month. The sim has been relaunched packed with various features centric on youth. The sim was available from august 8 and cost only Rs 97. The offer doesn’t stop there, it includes various packages as well as including free balance, free MB data, free packs, free subscriptions, and many more. 

Let’s have a look at these amazing offers:

  • Rs. 20 Main Balance + 20 Mins + 20 SMS + 200MB (Mins, SMS, Data valid for 7 days)
  • Non-stop Free Instagram @ 1mbps for 1 months
  • My-5 Service for 1 month with Call rate at Rs. 0.50/min within 5 Ncell numbers.

Users can immediately enjoy their services after activation of their sim. Services include nonstop free Instagram for 30 days. Similarly, my five services can also be activated by calling five different Ncell numbers of your close friends and family at just Rs 0.50 per minute.

The starter pack also offers a Rs 20 main balance and 200 MB of bonus data. The SIM also brings 20 minutes of on-net talk time and 20 on-net SMS. These benefits are valid for 7 days from the activation of the sim card.

Extra benefits :

Ncell also has included more offers besides the current offers. Customers can also get the free offer nonstop on Instagram for up to 6 months. However, in order to get the service, you need to Recharge at least or more than Rs. 50 every month to get Free Instagram and My5 service. This offers is similar to the my5 service as well. Digital Services such as Mero School/Ramailo Games/Hungama Music will also be available once subscribed.

How to get the SahiYo sim?

You can get the SahiYo sim easily through retail shops, cyber, official Ncell centers and even book online through Ncell’s official site. Visit this site for online booking.

Things you need for the process:

  1. Citizen certificate or driving license/passport
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Student id card

So, what do you think of this newly launched sim offer? Do you think it’s beneficial and offers a generous amount of services? Mind you, the services will automatically discontinue once the free period is over. You can always enjoy multiple services by purchasing several data, packs, and other offers later by yourself. You can check the latest Ncell offers by visiting our website. Click on:

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