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NCELL Voice Pack: Latest 2022 Update


Ncell is one of the second-largest telecom services providers in Nepal. With excellent performance and services. Telecom has a wide variety of services for their customers. According to the sources, NCELL is the fastest mobile provider among the other services. In this article, we will be listing all the latest Ncell voice packs from one-day packs to thirty-days voice packs with validity periods. And other information such as Voice minutes, and networks that are available on with the Ncell voice pack price in Nepal.

There are several ways to subscribe to the voice pack. Firstly we can dial *17118# in your dialer on the smartphone to get a Ncell voice pack. Moreover their an option to buy a voice pack from their website. Whereas if you have installed the Ncell app on your smartphone you purchase a voice pack through it also. Furthermore, you can gift a voice pack to a friend also.

Ncell Voice Packs in Nepal

1 Day Voice Pack

Voice PackMinutesNetworkValidity Price
1-Day Voice Pack 5 minutesNcell Network24 hours
(all day)
Night 1-Day Voice Pack  100 minutesNcell Network24 hours
(10 pm to 7 am)
Day 1-Day Voice Pack40 minutes+ 20MBNcell Network24 hours
 (5 am to 5 pm)
1-Day Voice Pack 14 minutesNcell Network24 hours
(all day)
Day 1- Day Voice Pack30minutes+ 30 SMSAll local network24 hours
(6 am to 6 pm)
Night 1-Day Unlimited Voice Pack 540 minutesNcell Network24 hours
(10 pm to 7 am)
1-Day All Nepal Voice Pack14 minutesAll local Network 24 hours
(all day)
Day 1- Day Unlimited Voice Pack720 minutesNcell Network24 hours
(5 am to 5 pm)
1-Day Voice Pack25minutes+ 50MBNcell Network24 Hours
(All day)
1-day Nepal & India pack)10minutes+ 25 SMS(Any Network in Nepal& India)24 Hours 
(All day)

3 Day Voice Pack

Voice PackMinutesNetworkValidity Price
3-Day Voice Pack65MinNcell Network3 DaysRs.34
3 Day All- Nepal voice Pack65 minutesAll local network3 DaysRs.45
3-Day Voice Pack225 minutesNcell Network3 Days
8 pm to 12 am

7 Day Voice Pack 

Voice PackMinutesNetworkValidityPrice
7-Day Voice Pack150 MinNcell Network7 DaysRs.74
7 Day All- Nepal voice Pack150 minutesAll local network7 DaysRs.94
7-DayNepal & IndiaPack65  minutes+ 145 SMSAny Nepal & India Network7 DaysRs.145

14-Day Voice Pack

Voice PackMinutesNetworkValidityPrice
14-Day Voice Pack225 MinutesNcell Network14 DaysRs.105
14-Day All- Nepal voice Pack225minutesAll local network14 DaysRs.135

28- 30 days Voice Pack

Voice PackMinutesNetworkValidity Price
30-Day Voice Pack475  MinutesNcell Network30 DaysRs.205
28-Day All- Nepal voice Pack475 minutesAll local network28 DaysRs.265
30-Day Voice Pack750 Minutes+1GB data bonusNcell Network 30 Days
(8 pm to 12 am)
28-Day All-Nepal Voice Pack750 MinutesAll local networks28 daysRs.385
30-Day Voice Pack 750 Minutes + 1 GB dataNcell Network 30 DaysRs.305
28-Day All Nepal Voice Pack750 minutesAll local networks 28 DaysRs.385
Non-stop Voice PackNon-stop TalktimeNcell Networks30days
(8 pm to 12 am)

At last, stays updated with our website for all of the latest prices of the Ncell voice pack. We will be updating the prices on a regular basis. Moreover, we will be updating all the packages offered by Ncell and NTC till the date.


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