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Ncell Announced VoLTE Service


Ncell has become one of the most popular privately held telecom services in Nepal whereas recently Ncell was awarded as the fastest mobile network in Nepal. In this article we will talk about the Voice Over LTE (voLTE) technology introduced by Ncell along with devices supporting VoLTE service and guide on activating the service.

What is VoLTE Service?

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) is a new technology introduced by Ncell to its customer that provides clearer and better quality high-definition voice calls along with quicker call connection. Moreover, with the VoLTE service, you can make a voice call and use 4G data at the same time whereas VoLTE service technology was introduced by NTC at first in Nepal a few months ago.

How to Enable Ncell VoLTE service?

The VoLTE service is available to Ncell customers therefore to enable Ncell VoLTE service user must go through the manual procedure by dialing *17201# code to activate the Ncell VoLTE service.

Ncell voLTE service

Requirement for using VoLTE service by Ncell

  • VoLTE enabled device
  • Ncell 4G SIM
  • VoLTE call and LTE network setting enabled on handset
    • Setting>Sim Card & Mobile Network / Connections
    • Enable VoLTE calls
    • Choose preferred network type as 4G or LTE
  • Device Updgaded to latest software

Device that currently support Ncell’s VoLTE

The Ncell VoLTE service isn’t available in all device so only select smartphones get these feature those are listed below:

SamsungGalaxy A51, Galaxy A33, Galaxy A53
VivoY55, V23
HuaweiNova 3i, Y9 Prime 2019

How to check if I can use VoLTE service on my device?

The VoLTE is a free service by Ncell for there customers. Whereas talking more about Ncell VoLTE service there’s no different in call rate for VoLTE and Non-VoLTE calls. Therefore to check if you device supports VoLTE you can dail *17201#.

Moreover according to Ncell there is a free pack for VoLTE user after activating VoLTE service where you get 100mins of Ncell-Ncell VoLTE talk time valid for 28 days by dailing *17201# again.

BTW What are your thoughts on the Ncell VoLTE service? Comment your thoughts below.


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