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Nepal imports up to 499 models of mobile phones during a year.


Through the MIS report of the Nepal telecommunication authority, it has been found that 499 models of mobile phones have been imported into Nepal. Along with the mobile phones, 51 models of tablets have received type approval from May of the previous year to last May. Mobile phones have been now hitting off the gadgets market more than ever. Now that the demand for such gadgets has been increasing rapidly, Phones of various models, brands, and technical specifications are fulfilling the demand-supply. 

mobile phones imported

The Telecommunication Authority has implemented the provision of obtaining type approval while importing equipment since 2008. The provision is made mandatory in 2011.

The provision includes devices such as mobile sets, radio devices, Wi-Fi, tablets, Bluetooth devices, short range, etc. to get type approval.

To gain approval, the importer must submit details including the manufacturer’s certificate, warranty, guarantee letter, and customer care center report of any model to the authority.

Type of approval

The type of approval is based on two periods of time 6 months (provisional) and 5 years (permanent).

In provisional approval, The importer needs to authorize again in six months if the product is brought again. However, the permanent approval doesn’t need to be authorized again and again.

Among them, 275 models of mobiles have received provisional approval and 224 models of mobiles have received permanent approval. There are 51 types of tablets introduced as well. Among them, 29 got permanent type approval and 22 got provisional type approval. These were the data of mobile phones imported.

Now Nepal government has imposed a ban on expensive phones above and worth 300 USD, lots of smartphones aren’t imported. There are quite many options to choose from as well. Check out mobile prices with budget-friendly aspects from our website. 

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