Nepal Telecom IPTV In Nepal

Nepal Telecom to provide IPTV Service Soon

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Nepal Telecom which is the national telephone and communication server of the country is coming up with Net-TV service provision. For this provision, the company has successfully tried and tested it’s the first-ever experiment on Monday this week.

For more insights, the company states that after the success of its experiment that was conducted early morning on Monday, the service will be provided to its customer. This service will commence from the 1st of Baishak.

Nepal Telecom IPTV In Nepal
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Even though this is not the first time that this kind of service has been provided in Nepal, companies like World link, Vianet, Subisu, Classic tech, etc which are internet provider company have already lucratively instigated this kind of services.

In conclusion, Nepal Telecom which has been providing television and internet service for more than a decade will, now, be providing TV-Net services. Whether this will be one of the great hits for Nepal Telecom or the existing companies will strongly embrace its mark on this provision? It is a speculation to hold, but we will have you covered on its services and customer review once the service is launched. So, don’t forget to check back quite often for the updates and the latest news.