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Nepal telecom will start the trial for the 5G network soon


Different developed economies like South Korea, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Finland are already running on the 5G network. Now, it seems 5G technology will roll out in Nepal soon! As Nepal Telecom is gearing up to launch and the company will soon initiate its trial execution in different parts of the country starting from the capital, Kathmandu then Pokhara and Nepalgunj. And later to other places in the current fiscal year.

According to the spokesperson from Nepal Telecom, Shobhan Adhikari,
the 5G equipment has been placed in four places throughout the country after the company got approval from the NTA (Nepal telecommunication authority).

He further said, that the company had previously planned to start the trials by FY 2078/79. But due to the lack of equipment deliverance on time and frequency allocation, it got delayed. Now, the NTA has allocated a 2600 MHz frequency band to Nepal Telecom for conducting the trials.

5G network
5G network

The 5G network will deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability and a more uniform user experience to more users throughout the country. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Furthermore, this 5G technology will deliver up to 100 times more efficiency in results than its predecessor 4G.

NTC will be the first company to bring a 5G network to Nepal as previously it has also crowned to come at the top for introducing E-sims in Nepal. It feels good to see how the company is enhancing Nepal towards the age of technology.

So what do you think about when NTC will officially start delivering 5G networks throughout the country? let us know down below in the comment section


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