Xiaomi Distributor in Nepal

A New National Distributor Appointed By Xiaomi In Nepal?

A rumor has been floating around in the mobile market for quite some time about a new National distributor for Xiaomi in Nepal. So we decided to dive into this rumor and find out if this rumor holds any truth and how this is going to affect the mobile industry here in Nepal.

Who is the New National Distributor?

According to our reliable sources, Xiaomi has appointed TeleTalk Pvt Ltd as another new National distributor for Nepal. So both TeleTalk Pvt Ltd and Vatsal Impex Pvt Ltd will be selling Xiaomi products in Nepal very soon. Now at this point, we have no information on how these two companies will work side by side. Rumor suggests, Vatsal Impex Pvt Ltd will sell Xiaomi products inside Kathmandu valley and TeleTalk Pvt Ltd will sell Xiaomi Products in the rest of the country cities.

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But this is not the first time that we are seeing two National distributors for the same company. For example, Samsung has two national distributors: Him Electronics Pvt Ltd and IMS group. Him Electronics mostly imports Samsung’s home appliances whereas IMS Group imports Samsung smartphones in Nepal. Another smartphone company Vivo also has two national distributors in Nepal: Cello City Pvt Ltd and Apex Manokamana Pvt Ltd. Cello City looks after Western and far western cities market whereas Apex Manokamana looks after Central and Eastern cities of Nepal.

What’s the catch for Xiaomi’s fans here in Nepal?

We all know the fact that Xiaomi products are very expensive here in Nepal compared to China and India. And Xiaomi fans have been complaining about the pricing from day one. If we look at the past, Redmi Note 3 was around 56% more expensive during the launch compared to the Indian market. But now Xiaomi is among the top 5 smartphone companies here in Nepal. And with the increasing popularity, the price difference has gone down too.

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Mi Fans Nepal
Mi Fans Nepal

For example, Mi Nepal has recently launched Redmi 5 Plus (a.k.a Redmi Note 5 in India) 4+64GB variant at Rs.25,499 in Nepal whereas it is available for INR 11,999 (~NRP 19200) in India, So that makes around 24.70% price difference.

Mobile market analysis experts say, having two national distributors for Xiaomi will help to lower the price of Xiaomi products in Nepal because both companies will be competing with each other to sell as much as their products in high volume. Our source also claims that the price difference between India and Nepal can go below 10 to 15% or even less. So that’s great news for Mi fans in Nepal.

Final thoughts:

Even though Xiaomi smartphones are expensive compared to China and India, they still offer great value for money on entry and mid-range segments in the Nepali mobile market. Now if these two national distributors situation helps to make Xiaomi product even more affordable then there is a very high chance of getting price dropped of other companies’ smartphones as well.

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BUT, there is no official statement from Teletalk Pvt Ltd or Xiaomi on a new national distributor for Nepal as of now. So take this information as a grain of salt. We will keep our eyes on this topic and will let you know more in our future articles. So let us know your thoughts on Xiaomi products and their pricing here in Nepal on the comment below.