Next Growth Conclave – As it happened.


Nepal’s Biggest event encircling Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors has so many interesting things to look up to.

The first session started with Kavi Raj Joshi, Founder and Managing director of Next venture corp addressing the audience followed by Sambhav Swar Sirohiya‘s Address who is the chairman of Next Venture Corp.

Next Venture Corp officially announced the launch of Next Launch pad which will be assisting startups and entrepreneurship through a four month incubation program following the best practices.(Exposing promising startups to potential investors, Highly qualified mentors and a proper guidance throughout the process on how to run things to get the best outcome.

Mahesh Murthy , stated difference between dominant companies in particular sectors in the market and the gap there is between the leader and the ones that compete with them. He also expressed how consumer delight is pretty important for any company to make noise in the market. And advertisements are not the new cool. He hinted at how market dominators rarely advertized their way to the top, be it apparel company Zara or Google’s Search engine.

Joseph Jeong storified the hardships that he faced in his life and explained how he got where he is by putting his hand into the booming popularity and acceptance of hedge fund in asia.

Up next was Co-founder of Simplify360 Bhupendra Khanal, who originally belongs to Nepal and he shared his success story on how he used the local advantage to outclass other big companies in the business of Social media monitoring and analysis in his region of business. The next fascinating thing he started was Dogsee Chew food for dogs, which is basically “Churpi” for dogs, and a restaurant for dogs where one can take their dogs to feed to.

Vinay singhal who is the co-founder of WittyFeed, world’s second largest viral content generating website after Buzzfeed has his own story of rags to riches. Being a medical aspirant he shared his journey of how he decided what he wanted to do and followed it. The best tip he gave was “Make your cofounder your brother because No matter what happens he will be with you there till the end.”

Aditi Chaurasia, the cofounder of EngineerBabu said” You don’t need to think of your gender to start a startup”. Its whether you can do or not. Being a girl or a boy doesn’t matter. She expressed how her family was always behind her while she wanted things to happen and she credits her success to the work culture that she and her team had been able to come up with , which separates her IT company from thousands of other mushrooming IT companies in her country.

The last speaker from the first session was, Sneh Sharma, Founder and CEO of Ittisha,the first ever only girls digital media agency in the world.

The session concluded with panel discussion with all the speakers mentioned above, where audiences and the moderator would ask them questions to be followed by the panel’s point of view on that thing.

The start of the second session was themed on Tourism and it featured CEO of Tourism board Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi.

The speakers after that session was Minhaz Anwar Head, Grameenphone Accelerator. He is an active innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem builder in Asia.

Amarit Charoenphan Group CEO and Co-founder, HUBBA Co Thailand’s No.1
co-working space. Through this platform he is pursuing his passion of helping people realize their dreams and become the successful startups and entrepreneurs through the best co-working space, education, media and fund
ing scene.

Amarit was followed by Ajeet Khurana who absolutely stole the show. He brought a different honesty to the stage and delivered it more fluently and in an interesting way. The crowd seemed pretty pumped after Ajeet Khurana’s part.

Ajit was followed by Shahil Agrawal is the Managing Director of Shanker Group. He chairs and directs all of the
companies under the conglomerate of Shanker Group. Shanker Group is one of the biggest conglomerates of Nepal.

This session concluded with Panel discussion including all the above members. The highlights of Panel discussion were again Mahesh Murthy and Ajeet Khurana who had their idea collisions time and again.

NEXT Growth conclave was one of its kind and a great experience of everyone who was there to witness it. I am sure we will more events like this to come in the future. And we will be very excited to cover them all.

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