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Nintendo Switch – Everything you need to know about the new gaming console

Nintendo has been involved in the gaming console market for more than 40 years. Since then Nintendo has released widely popular consoles like the Nintendo NES, gameboy color, gameboy advanced and much more. It dominated the market in the 80’s and 90’s. However it has come up short in the recent times, failing to compete with companies like Sony with and Microsoft. Now Nintendo hopes to get back in the race for console glory with the release of a new console that’s unlike anything we have seen before – the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo released a trailer back in October which shows off its new gaming console. It sets apart from the rest due to its ability to be both a portable and a stationary device.


The console will have a base unit consisting of a 720p display and two removable controllers attached to the sides called Joy-con controllers. The two controllers can be used for both single player or multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo Switch

The console will also have support for external display with its HDMI 1.4 ports. That means it can output video at up to 4K resolution at 30fps.

According to Nintendo, the console will feature an Octa-core processor and Nvidia’s Tegra X1 Chipset which is based on the slightly older Maxwell architecture. New rumors indicate that the console’s GPU will be more powerful when docked with a clock speed of 768 MHz while it will run at 307.2MHz when undocked. This means it will have much better performance when docked. The base unit will have a 6.2” IPS LCD display with 720p resolution. Oddly, the software is rumored to be Android based.

Many games have been revealed for the console which includes titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Project Sonic, Skyrim (switch version), NBA 2K17 and much more. Popular game development companies like Bethesda, Bandai, Activision and many more have partnered with Nindendo for the development of games for the console.

The pricing of the Switch is yet to be revealed but it is rumored to be somewhere around $200 to $300 in the United States.

Nintendo previously released the Wii U  to compete with the likes of PS4 and Xbox One it did not manage to be as successful as its competitors. Only time will tell if this new console by Nintendo will see better numbers in sales than the Wii U or even the Xbox or the playstation.

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