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Nepal telecommunication authority to control OTT apps like Viber, Messenger


Nepal Telecommunication Authority has now come up with a solution after facing billions of losses by Nepal telecom companies. The regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority is going to bring OTT apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger under the scope of regulation. Let’s get into more details.

Telecom companies on loss 

Telecom companies that pay a billion in revenues in Nepal are now at loss. So now the regulator Nepal telecommunication authority is now preparing to regulate these OTT apps. These OTT apps are now rising in popularity as users dont need to pay extra costs for services like voice and video calls and messages. But this is a problem for Telecom companies, where these companies are gaining less income from the same service.

Apart from this, telecom companies pay a lot of taxes to the state. But OTT apps do not pay tax in countries like Nepal. Telecom companies are also not willing to invest in the construction and expansion of telecommunication networks as their income is decreasing. Similarly, data service is also popular, but the increased income data cannot recover the loss of voice services.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Nepal telecommunication authority

Nepal Telecommunication Authority is aiming to protect the interests of telecommunication companies investing in network expansion. The regulator has formed a working group under the leadership of director Amber Sattala to conduct the necessary study for OTT regulation and submit a report within 30 days. Authority spokesperson Paudel informed that there are members from the authority’s numbering, license, law, and other branches.

He also states that

“A working group has been formed to bring OTT under the scope of regulation in accordance with international practice,” he said, “The study working group will also be able to consult with experts as needed.”

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