Ncell 4G vs NTC 4G internet speed test in Nepal
Ncell 4G vs NTC 4G internet speed test in Nepal

NTC 4G Vs. Ncell 4G – Comparison on Coverage, Speed and Data Pack

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You might have already known that Ncell just recently announced the launch of 4G LTE service on their network. Ncell 4G LTE is now live in the Kathmandu valley along with their major cities outside the valley. The launch of Ncell 4G LTE follows after the launch of Nepal Telecom 4G service some four months ago. Although the launch of 4G LTE from Ncell was expected earlier, various issues like tax controversy pushed the date further. Now that the Ncell and NTC both are operating 4G services on their network, it seems like a good time to have a brief insight between NTC 4G Vs. Ncell 4G.

NTC 4G Vs. Ncell 4G

Comparisons on Coverage

During the start of February 2017, NTC launched the 4G services in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Ncell, however, has launched 4G services to Banepa, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot too. The next launch is scheduled to be on Pokhara on first day of July. Ncell plans to reach a target of 4G in 40 cities within the next few months. As stated by the Ncell’s officials, the company has plans to provide the service to 15% of the population by the end of 2017. The last time we checked, NTC 4G users had already crossed a landmark of half million 4G users by the end of March. The number is sure to have gone up by now. The total number of 4G users will go high now that NTC and Ncell are competing with each other on 4G LTE.

Comparisons on Speed

Now this is where NTC and Ncell have the best hope to shine on their 4G network. We carried out the speed comparisons on both operator in terms of both download and upload speed. We carried out the speed test inside our office located at New Baneshwor and the results were pretty consistent. Additionally, both operators have similar upload and download speed, and latency/ ping. While using the True Speed test app, NTC’s download and upload speed was 9.6Mbps and 4.88Mbps respectively while Ncell’s download and upload speed was 8.58Mbps and 5.73Mbps respectively. On Ookla Speedtest app, NTC and Ncell both had similar upload speed at around 10Mbps and ping of 21ms.

   •   Upload and Download speed

We tried uploading a 48.8 MB video on Google drive and Ncell was a minute faster in terms of upload speed. Also, upon downloading the same video from Google Drive, NTC was 10 seconds faster in terms of download speed.

   •   Download Time

   •   Upload Time

This pretty much sums up our speed comparison of NTC 4G and Ncell 4G. Both NTC and Ncell have similar speeds in terms of both upload and download.

Comparisons on Data Packs

Both NTC and Ncell have come up with competitive data packs to satisfy their users. NTC is providing data packs that include volumes of 200MB, 500MB, and more at the cheapest possible price. The surfing time includes 24 hours for these data packs. In addition, NTC has also brought separate Facebook and Instagram Data packages which provide more volume at low prices. The Facebook/ Instagram packages work on 2G and 3G networks too.

•   NTC 4G Data Packs with Volume and Price


•    NTC Facebook/ Instagarm Data Packs


These data packs are valid till 12th August 2017.

On the other hand, Ncell has data packs of three different kinds depending on the surfing time. However, these data packs are already existing and Ncell is likely to bring other special 4G data packs in the coming days. Ncell all-time (24 hours) data packs are a bit expensive compared to the NTC. However, the day data packs and Night data packs seem more affordable than the NTC. For comparison, Ncell provides you 300MB, 600MB, and 1200MB data packs at Rs 100 for all time data pack, day time data pack, and Nighttime data pack. However, NTC gives you 500MB for the same price which is less compared to Ncell’s Day and Night packages.

Ncell 4G data package
Ncell 4G data package

Ncell also has introduced a Facebook data pack with which you can surf Facebook at a cheaper rate. It includes a 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days data pack. The price of the pack for 20MB, 140MB, and 600MB is Rs 10.17, Rs 55.37, and Rs 168.37 respectively.

Ncell Facebook Packs
Ncell Facebook Packs

Since this is just the beginning of 4G in Nepal, the coverage isn’t that far reached but both NTC and Ncell have plans to extend further. Also, the speed of 4G might differ depending on your location. However, we got pretty consistent and accurate data on both NTC and Ncell during our testing. According to you, which is your best operator in terms of 4G? We have presented our comparisons between NTC 4G and Ncell 4G to you but we would also like to read your opinion regarding it. Let us know in the comments below.