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Nepal telecom now offering cheap India voice packs


Nepal door Sanchar company or popularly known as Nepal Telecom has been on the telecom service for Nepalese for years. And now not only that but it has also introduced services for people who want to communicate despite the geographical boundaries. Now Indian packs are also on its list.

Nepal telecom has finally introduced Indian voice packs at affordable, cheap prices. The communication barrier with our neighbouring country is now much easier through Nepal telecom. Expensive phone calls and rates had always been hard on people, especially when connecting to families and friends abroad. But worry not!! We are finally going to introduce you to some of the fine offers and ratings on these offers. 

Check out the latest NTC offers from our website by clicking below.

Offers available:

Nepal telecom has divided its offer into three categories: daily, weekly and monthly. Customers can enjoy their category easily from these three options, whichever suits them best. Let’s check these offers.

Daily pack: this pack offers 17 minutes of call time at the price of rs 59 only.
weekly pack: this pack offers 75 minutes of call time at the price of rs 259 only.
Monthly pack: this pack offers 221 minutes of call time at the price of rs 759 only.
India voice pack offersPrice Call time
Daily pack (24 HRS)Rs. 5917 minutes
Weekly pack (7 DAYS)Rs. 25975 minutes
Monthly pack (30 DAYS)Rs. 759221 minutes

How to make international calls??

Customers can access international calls directly through access codes such as 00, 1424, 1425, or 1445. Currently, direct calling to India through 00 code is Rs 12 whereas from 1425 or 1445 is Rs 6. But after these new offers, users can easily gain these offers through any aces codes.

How to access the latest offer??

  1. Dial *1415# at your NTC service sim
  2. Select the number seven and click the India call
  3. Choose from the three offers. ( daily, weekly and monthly)

What do you think of these latest offers? NTC has other many offers, to check them out you can visit their official website.


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