OnePlus 3 review Nepal
OnePlus 3 review Nepal

Oneplus 3 : The Most powerful Android Smartphone in Nepal

Oneplus has launched Oneplus 3 is Nepal officially at Rs.49900, which is a ridiculous price for a smartphone that offers top-notch hardware specifications. And Oneplus was kind enough to give us OnePlus 3 to review it. So today I’m going to share my experience with OnePlus 3 after using it for more than a week.

OnePlus 3 Review

Build Quality and Design:

OnePlus 3 Design and Hardware
OnePlus 3 Design and Hardware

OnePlus 3 comes with an aluminum unibody design. So they didn’t use sandstone back this time, but you can have a sandstone back cover on OnePlus 3 if you miss it from OnePlus 2 badly. On the back, you will find two antenna stripes that make this device looks a lot like HTC 10 but by no means, it looks bad. OnePlus 3 is not going to win any award for design, but there is also no denying that it is one of the good looking devices out there in the market. With 7.4mm thick and 158g weight, OnePlus 3 feels comfortable while using it. However, using it with one hand might be difficult for many users.

Like on OnePlus 2, the alert slider is located on the left side of OnePlus 3, which I found very handy for keeping the phone in the silent mode. So overall I’m very happy with the build quality of OnePlus 3 and talking about its design I love it, but again design is something that depends on peoples’ perspective.

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This is another area where you will find the difference between OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3. Now you might be thinking, OnePlus 3 also comes with the same 5.5 inches Full HD screen just like on OnePlus 2. Yes, you are right, but this time, OnePlus decided to use AMOLED panel instead of LCD and this time display has been protected by Gorilla Glass 4. So like with other AMOLED display, OnePlus display produces vibrant colors and very deep blacks. But having said that OnePlus 3 does not produce accurate colors which I guess most of the average consumers will not notice until they compare with other displays. When it comes to using OnePlus 3 on the direct sunlight, I was able to read the text easily on the display. But OnePlus 3 screen is not bright as Samsung Galaxy S7/edge AMOLED display.

OnePlus 3 Display
OnePlus 3 Display

Though it comes with Pentile AMOLED display, I found OnePlus 3 display quite sharp. And here as well, I don’t think most of the consumers will notice pixelate on OnePlus 3 display until they put their eyes too close to the display or use VR headsets.

If you want a more in-depth review of the display of OnePlus 3, I will suggest you check out Anandtech’s article HERE.

Software and Performance:

If you are just like me who loves vanilla android skin, then you are going to love OxygenOS. It is very close to the android stock skin and does offer some extra customization like changing physical buttons to on-screen buttons, color themes, etc. OxygenOS does make you feel like you are using a nexus device, although you won’t get a fast OS update like on nexus devices. And talking about the fingerprint sensor on OnePlus 3, it is the fastest and most accurate I’ve seen so far. Fingerprint on the OnePlus 3 is even faster than the Mi5 and Samsung Galaxy S7/edge. And the reason behind this is, OnePlus 3 comes with a capacitive fingerprint sensor which also works as a home key. So you don’t have to press it to activate a fingerprint sensor just like on Mi5 and Samsung Galaxy S7/edge. But if you have wet fingers, then the fingerprint sensor won’t recognize your fingerprint.

OnePlus 3 UI
OnePlus 3 UI

OnePlus 3 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad-core(Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo) CPU, Adreno 530 GPU, 6GB RAM and 64GB non-expandable storage. So, with 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 clocked at full speed, OnePlus 3 flies off. I didn’t notice any lags or shutter while using OnePlus 3 during my review period. Even running games and apps in the background, I was able to play high-end graphics games like Asphalt 8 and Sky force reloaded smoothly.

Now, what about Heating on OnePlus 3? Playing games or using continued for a certain time, OnePlus 3 does get warm, but I didn’t feel it was overheating throughout my review period.

Here are some benchmark scores of OnePlus 3:

OnePlus 3 benchmark scores
OnePlus 3 benchmark scores


OnePlus 3 comes with the 16MP rear camera with f2.0 aperture, phase detection autofocus, OIS and single LED flashlight. OnePlus 3 comes with a Sony IMX298 image sensor which can be found in Xiaomi Mi5 camera as well. I have used Mi5 in the past and was impressed with its camera performance. So my expectation with OnePlus 3 was similar and the result was almost the same. The only issue I found on OnePlus 3 cameras is its focusing. I was not able to get focus on the subject in the close distance on auto-mode. But using manual mode did help me to nail the focus. So I guess it’s a software issue which can be fixed with a software update in the future. You can quickly launch the camera app directly by double-clicking the power button when the device is in sleep. You can also double-tap on the fingerprint sensor to launch a camera app when the screen is turned on.

OnePlus 3 camera
OnePlus 3 camera

Now let’s come to the selfie part. OnePlus 3 comes with 8MP (Sony IMX179) front-facing the camera. The front camera does not come with a wide-angle lens just like on Samsung Galaxy S7/edge, but it can take some great selfies in daylight.

  • Does a Oneplus 3 camera have better than Samsung Galaxy S7/edge? NO!!! I still prefer Samsung Galaxy S7/edge camera over OnePlus 3, especially when it comes to low light photography.
  • Does OnePlus 3 have a bad camera? NO!!!! If you look at its price, OnePlus 3 camera is one of the best you can find under the 50k budget smartphone. So, you can rely on OnePlus 3 camera and if you know how to use the camera on manual settings, then you can take the camera of OnePlus 3 to the next level. And lastly, I’ll suggest you enable HDR mode ON in low light situations which help to reduce noise on the image significantly.

Here are some sample images took with OnePlus 3 cameras:

Call Quality and Connectivity:

OnePlus 3 comes with a dual nano-SIM card slot that can support up to the 4G LTE network. Since Ncell and NTC are already on the move to launch the 4G LTE network soon in Nepal, OnePlus 3 is a future proof device. And talking about the call quality, I didn’t face call drop situation in the middle of the conversation. The earpiece is loud enough and extra mics on the OnePlus does help to reduce background noise on the phone call. However, the loudspeaker on the bottom generates average sound volume. You’ll likely cover the loudspeaker on the bottom with your right hand while playing games or watching videos on the landscape.

OnePlus 3 also comes with Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and USB Type-C 1.0. USB Type-C is the next generation USB connector which has started appearing in flagship and mid-range smartphones these days.

Battery Life:

OnePlus 3 comes with 3000mAh non-removable battery which is 300mAh lesser than OnePlus 2. But because of an AMOLED display, power-efficient CPU and ROM, OnePlus 3 was able to give screen on time up to 4 hrs 40min. What this means is, OnePlus 3 can last for a day easily on heavy usage (excluding gaming) or even two days on light usage. But if you are a heavy gamer then you will have to charge it once in a day. However, OnePlus 3 standby time is very good. Throughout the night, OnePlus 3 consumed only 2-3% of battery on Wi-Fi connection.

OnePlus 3 Battery Life
OnePlus 3 Battery Life

Now, what’s more, impressive is it’s charging time. OnePlus 3 comes with Dash charger which can charge OnePlus 3 from 0-60% in just 30minutes. And on top of that, it does not get the heat as much as other smartphones that come with quick charge technologies. However, the downside is, you will need the carry the same charge and cable all the time to charge your device fast.

Final Thoughts:

After a very long time since I bought Samsung Galaxy Nexus, OnePlus 3 is the smartphone that I want to invest my money on. This is how much I’m so impressed with OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3 is available at Rs.49,900/- and if you look at the other companies devices at this price range, you will find:

  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 at Rs.50,900/-
  • Huawei G7 Plus at Rs.49,999/-
  • Xiaomi Mi5 at Rs.49,999/-

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 and Huawei G7 Plus, are higher mid-range devices so we can’t compare with them with OnePlus 3. The only closest competitor you will find among these three smartphones is Xiaomi Mi5. Mi5 is the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi but the Mi5 here in Nepal comes with 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM (non-expandable) and lower clocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU. The only thing that I wish OnePlus 3 had is the water resistance feature. I hope OnePlus will include a water resistance feature on OnePlus 4 next year without increasing the price.
And talking about the pricing of OnePlus 3, I have seen many people complaining that OnePlus 3 is overpriced in Nepal. But is it? Here are the prices of Oneplus 3 around the world:

  • OnePlus 3 in US: $399 = Rs. 42,941.97
  • OnePlus 3 in UK: £329 = Rs.46,486.68
  • OnePlus 3 in India: IRN27,999 = Rs.44,798.4
  • OnePlus 3 in Nepal: Rs.49,900/-

So as you can see, OnePlus 3 price varies from country to country. And if you look at the UK pricing for OnePlus 3, the difference is only around Rs.3500 here in Nepal. Hence, there is no doubt that OnePlus 3 is the best smartphone under 50000 in Nepal.

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