Top 5 Online Shopping Sites

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites In Nepal

With the growth of mobile users and the internet, new opportunities have been created in Nepal for E-Commerce. In recent years, we have seen many online websites providing platforms for Online Shopping (buying/selling) in Nepal. However, due to problems like lack of reputable payment gateway, transportation, internet reliability and trust issues of people towards the E-Commerce (online shopping) sites, these sites have not been able to grow to the behemoth. So, Out of the many Online Shopping platforms in Nepal, none of them are the dominant player.

Today, we have included some Top 5 Online Shopping Sites In Nepal to make your shopping experience easier. These sites have also launched their own apps in order to make access to online shopping easier for customers.


Kaymu is an online marketplace that lets buyers and sellers make deals on new and used fashion items, mobile phones, jewelry, and other accessories. With its growth as an online shopping community, Kaymu launched its app for iOS and Android devices. Kaymu aims of connecting thousands of buyers and sellers in order to get the best deals just in few clicks. It also features a customized push notification that alerts about your preferred sellers, favorite products and daily deals or offers.

kaymu shopping site
kaymu shopping site

CLICK HERE to download Kaymu app for Android.

CLICK HERE to download Kamyu app for iOS.


Hambrobazar is one of the very famous online shopping platforms that provide individuals as well as companies to list a wide variety of there new and used products online. It is a perfect platform that offers free listing services, connecting the buyers and sellers. This classified service is only for Nepal. The website has its own app that enables the retailer to list their products and buyers to order without logging to a computer. The app is compatible with all types of devices.

hamrobazar shopping site
hamrobazar shopping site

CLICK HERE to download Hamrobazar app for Android.


Sastodeal is one of the biggest online shopping portals in Nepal. It is a leading industry in the E-Commerce sectors because it has fast, reliable service and also listens to Customers’ complaints. Not only this, but Sastodeal also offers a wide range of discounts weekly and also on several occasions. Sastodeal online payment is fully secured and trusted which is a major satisfaction when it comes to Shopping Online in Nepal. There is also a Sastodeal App for quick and easy shopping solutions available on Playstore and Appstore

Sastodeal Shopping Site
Sastodeal Shopping Site

CLICK HERE to download Sastodeal app for Android.

CLICK HERE to download Sastodeal app for iOS.


NepBay is one of the most downloaded apps in Nepal that provides a platform for buyers and sellers to make their business. The App offers an amazing shopping experience for buyers within Nepal and also supports “Pay On Delivery” options. It has a beautifully organized user interface that makes it really easy to browse through hundreds of categories and thousands of products. You can browse a wide list of products and has Men’s and Women’s fashion list, Furniture and even Groceries.

NepBay Shopping Site
NepBay Shopping Site

CLICK HERE to download NepBay app for Android.


Just like other online stores, GoGazzab provides a wide range of electronic products at the best value. It also has features providing information such as product reviews, seller ratings, product comparison, and personalized recommendations. GoGazzab features popular bands including but not limited to Samsung, Phillips, Godrej, Sony and many more. You also get a wide range of Women’s and Men’s fashion list. It also features Gifts and Toys at a decent price and delivery. GoGazzab also provides special discounts to its customers on several occasions.

gogazzab shopping site
GoGazzab shopping site

CLICK HERE to download GoGazzab app for Android.

CLICK HERE to download GoGazzab app for iOS.

E-Commerce sites are slowly growing in Nepal with the advancement of technology. These 5 Online Shopping Sites are the most trusted which provides a good and reliable service to its customers. There are still a few Online Shopping sites that are scam and only empties your pocket so we recommend making Online payments only from trusted sites.