Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN : App Review

If you are looking for a decent VPN app for your android then Opera has come up with something for you. You might need to use VPN for various purpose these days and there are already a lot of useful apps for that but maybe not the best one. VPN is a very handy tool when you work around internet. Opera released its Opera Free VPN app for iOS last year and now is available on Android on Google Play Store. To understand what VPN does and why you need it? , read this article till the end.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used by browsers and other VPN sites to increase the security and privacy in the public and private networks. VPN can also change your location from one region to another giving you the privilege of web services available only on that country. When you are on a park using the park Wi-Fi, you may be exposing your device to vulnerable situations like WiFi spoofing and Firesheep. Hackers may connect to your device using Wi-Fi networks you are connected in and steal information. This is why you need VPN services to protect your data by encryption method.

Now that you know what VPN is, without further delay let’s review the new VPN app by Opera — Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN. 

Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN is an app separate from Opera Mini and Opera Max. Opera Free VPN allows you to connect to various regions — Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and United States. It also connects you to the closest region. Furthermore, it has many other features like Wi-Fi security check, Guardian which blocks potential threats and blocking of ad trackers.

Easy to Use and Connect Five Virtual locations

Opera Free VPN is free and easy to use. It has a nice looking User Interface that you will like very much. The app’s UI looks very much decent which many other VPN app fail to deliver. It is also very much easy to use as you don’t need to know anything about setting VPN on Android. It does all the tricks itself, automatically handling Android VPN settings for you. You have five virtual locations which you can connect to with more locations coming in future updates. You can access the block contents in the web by connecting to the virtual locations.

VPN Connection

Wi-Fi Connection Safety Check

It has a Wi-Fi connection safety check feature which checks for encryption protocol of your Wi-Fi and other security threats. It scans your Wi-Fi and gives security score. It identifies the Type of Network, Security Level, IP address status and others. It gives detail information of various risks and security issues. You can protect your information by hitting protect WiFi after which Opera VPN creates a secure connection. It compares the Security score of before and after using Opera VPN which gives you an idea about what the app has done.

WiFi Safety Check
WiFi Safety Check

Block Ad Trackers

Opera’s Guardian is a very useful service to block ad trackers from stalking you online. The Guardian feature keeps away the unwanted trackers which follows you around the web. The built-in ad tracker block will give you an added layer of security to your network. Guardian also protects your data from Wi-Fi spoofing. All this services are available for free. Opera VPN also has very few ads with in the app itself. The ads are presented in a managed order with the unwillingness to disturb the user when using the app.

Block ad trackers

Opera Free VPN is an ultimate app for using VPN services. It is the best app out there on Android and iOS. With super-fast VPN servers and other premium features included for free, Opera VPN is a smart choice for you. With Opera VPN, you can have services like accessing blocked contents on web, downloading region restricted apps for android (CLICK HERE), protecting your data while on Public Hotspots and block unwanted contents on web. Download it for free on Google Play and App Store from the link below.

CLICK HERE to download for Android.

CLICK HERE to download for iOS.