Oppo CPU

Is Oppo developing their own chipsets in collaboration with Realme and OnePlus?

Smartphones Owner Company these days are forging their way to create their chipsets to be self-subsistence in terms of Chip-technology. However, there are only three companies that have been able to create their own chipset so far: Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Also, even though Xiaomi tried to do the same with Surge S1 the experiment wasn’t up to snuff.

OPPO which was priory reported to be operating on its chipset named OppoM1, but it turned out to be a co-processor instead of being a processor. It was then asserted to be prepared for power optimization on the company’s smartphones. But now, given the impression OPPO is proclaimed to make its mark into the mobile chipset market.

Oppo CPU

As per Sources, the Special Assistant to the CEO of OPPO has shared a company-wide internal note to all the employees which divulge “Mariana Plan” for the self-developed chips from the very Chinese company. Whereas, OPPO had also mentioned a keyword “Mariana Plan” in its internal documents, last year. It was prominent that the project had conventional input and support from the OPPO TMG Technical Committee which was set up on the previous month to facilitate.

Also, another report suggests that technician from OnePlus and Realme has also joined the Oppo core plan. This indicates, in the future, we might see this processor on Realme and OnePlus devices too.

In conclusion, it is still a question on either Oppo’s chipset will be able to set its mark on competing with popular brands like Qualcomm and MediaTek or it will be a fail like Xiaomi? We will have to wait for the updates and not to worry we are here to cover that up for you. So, keep yourself updated by checking back in more often.