Samsung Galaxy S10 creative wallpaper

People Started Getting Creative With Wallpapers On Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Camera Cutout

People are applying different Creative wallpaper on Samsung matching the camera holes to give them more meaning. Samsung was launched recently and is currently the most innovative and most talked about flagship smartphone. Samsung did come with a lot of exciting features in the Galaxy S10 Lineup, but the most easily seen and a little different from other manufacturers (except Huawei) is the front-facing camera cutout on S10/S10 Plus. They call it the “Infinity O display.” For now, this is a creative way to push disturbance to the corners instead of the center. It even saves space for the screen and the Selfie camera.

While Samsung did implement the camera cutout but is trying to hide the cutout area from the user’s eyes by adding a dark tint to the Camera cutout zone, well, users disagree, They are already getting creative with the cutout design.  Instead of hating it users are embracing the Cutout design and asking Samsung to do the same.
Possessing two cameras in the cutout that matches the two eyes, the S10 plus gets more attention and here are some of those

Yes, Twitter username @Mattcabb got creative for wallpaper on Samsung S10/S10+ and started the trend. Let’s just look at some more for S10

These wallpapers are awesome and creative one, and if you own a Galaxy S10 series then you should definitely use these ones or if you don’t have one and want to buy one then you can pre-order the galaxy s10 Lineup

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Now you may be thinking those are just twitter post where do I download the wallpaper?
well the answer tweets from Matt B have a download link on them if you want to download the specific one or here are some links for you to download.
Download Link 1 For S10+

There also exists a SubReddit Specifically for these types of wallpapers: r/S10wallpapers

That’s all for now, if you also have some excellent skills and creative ideas for wallpaper on Samsung S10/S10+ then do share with everyone and embrace the cutout.

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