Pokemon Go back in Nepal – What’s new with the game?


Pokemon Go, an Augmented Reality(AR) game from Niantic was a huge success throughout the world including Nepal. The game was released back in July and turned out to be a hit among the fans of the franchise and regular smartphone users alike. It had gathered a huge fan following in Nepal as well but to the dismay of those fans the company decided to block its main features like the gyms and pokestops in many countries until it’s official release. Now Pokemon fans of Nepal rejoice as the game has been made available in South Asia via Google Playstore and IOS appstore.

For those who have been living under a rock since the last year, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game which has received more than 500 million downloads in the google playstore. The objective of the game is to catch as many pokemon as you can and battle them in ‘pokemon gyms‘. Players can get more pokeballs from select places known as ‘poke centers‘ located in known landmarks like temples and monuments. The game has been very successful as it allows users to visit places in real life unlike other games which confines the player in their homes.

The game has received many updates since it was last played in Nepal. For example, they now have the option to add a pokemon buddy to receive more pokemon candies. The avatar is customizable , you can change your avatar’s hair, skin and get up. Also there are rumors of pokemon go receiving an update which will add a 100 more pokemon to the game.

Pokemon go buddy system

The game has also implemented strict regulations. Users that try to cheat in the game with GPS-spoofing are being permanently banned whereas previously it could only result in a temporary ban.

The game is now downloadable from google playstore and appstore. Earlier users from Nepal installed the app to their phones via third party services.

Download Pokemon Go HERE

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