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Is Pokemon Go banned in Nepal? More info and questions

Is Pokemon Go banned in Nepal? The answer is yes. The popular game developed by Niantic has been blocked  in Nepal, India, Singapore and other Asian regions and people are really unhappy with this decision. Pokemon Go was everybody’s favorite and with this decision of Niantic, people will no longer be able to play this game. You can view your achievements, eggs and Pokemons caught but it wont show you the nearby gyms and Pokestops. The game experienced multiple server breakdown due to overload for the past few days. But it doesn’t matter anymore to Nepalese fans since we can no longer play. We may have to wait for the official release of the game to be able to play on our devices again. Niantic however haven’t released any official statements except that the Game has been blocked currently.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Why Pokemon Go is banned in Nepal and other unofficial regions?

The simple answer would be “To reduce the load in the server”. Because of the unauthentic downloads of the game, the server was getting lots of request, which ultimately resulted issues on server. The game was not even launched officially in Nepal and other part of the world but we still we able to play it. We found out couple of ways to install the game on our devices. The case is not only in Nepal but also at multiple cities where the game has not been officially released. However, this is not exactly ban rather the game is Geo blocked in Nepal only for certain time. Japan had the similar problem before the launch event.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Some frequently asked questions about Pokemon Go ban

Is Pokemon Go blocked by the Nepal government?

No, the Pokemon Go is not blocked by the Nepal government here in Nepal. It has been blocked by the game developer to reduce the load in the server.

Is there any way to play Pokemon Go in Nepal ?


Sadly there isn’t any way for now. We will have to wait for the team to officially launch Pokemon Go in Nepal. But according to comments on Reddit, people from Nepalgunj and Butwal are able to play Pokemon Go on their devices.

Did you lose all your Pokemons and achievements ?

No, the Pokemon Go achievements are stored in your Play Games and Apple account so all your achievements are safe. Though the game is banned(Geo blocked), you can still view your Pokemons, eggs and achievements.

Does this affect your game progress ?

This is a popular question on various forums throughout the internet. This answer is a bit tricky. You can still evolve your pokemons and level up but the discount count for your eggs wont work. All the gyms and Pokestops have vanished from the map like we discussed earlier.

How soon can you play the game again ?

There is no any official statement from the Niantic about the game in Nepal. But John Hanke, CEO of  Niantic, Inc. said:

“We’re working hard. We haven’t rolled the game out everywhere yet, we’re adding countries every day” 

So as of now, all we can do is hope that the game launches soon in Nepal and we will back on catching Pokemons.

The game is already launched in Japan and Hongkong, so lets hope that Niantic will release it on other Asian countries  and  Nepal too.



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