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Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Everyone’s being crazy about this new game, ” Pokemon Go “. Everybody wants to catch them and add a few more of these little warriors in their Pokedox collection. Pokemon Go is an addictive Augmented Reality game recently launched by Niantic, Inc. If you do not already know about this game then we suggest you check out our previous article POKEMON GO – THE GAME CHANGER In this article, we will be talking about some simple tips and tricks to boost up your play in Pokemon Go.

This guide will help you with some tips and tricks that we have collected to give you a fair advantage over other players so without further ado lets jump right in.

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Starting with Pikachu as your starter Pokemon

As soon as you start your first ever ride into the world of Pokemon Go, you will be asked to choose you starter Pokemon among Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Instead, don’t choose anything and walk away from your current location ( in real life ) and your phone will soon be vibrating when it detects new Pokemon nearby. The same Pokemons will appear again so you will have to move further away till Pikachu appears. This is your chance to catch Pikachu as your starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Pikachu
Pokemon Go Pikachu

Finding Pokemon at the right place

The aim of Pokemon Go is to find Pokemon, train them and evolve them so you will need to do them right. You will need to hunt them in the wild. Varieties of Pokemon appears at different geography so be sure to vary them. While Pokemon Go utilizes Augmented Reality to make its game better, it is always wise to check out the virtual map and search for rustling leaves. This is the visual signs of Pokemon nearby.

Catching the Pokemon without the AR camera

It might be too soon to notice but catching Pokemon using AR camera makes it noticeably harder. It is always wise to turn off the AR camera off by hitting the top right button on your screen. It will  increase the chances of your Pokeball throws paying off and improve your catch rates. It will reduce the wastage of your Pokeballs if you are just getting the hang of this game or you are running short on your Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Catching the same Pokemon

Pokemon appears randomly on Pokemon Go so the same kind of Pokemon may appear multiple times depending on the location and time of play. Don’t be afraid to catch them with your Pokeball as you wont be wasting any of your Pokeball. Having double Pokemon is always beneficial since it will help your Pokemons to evolve and you can always have them trade with Professor Willow to gain some candy.

Using your Pokecoins

In Pokemon Go, you can always use your items and Pokecoins to boost up your play. You can use Pokecoins on lures. If you visit your PokeStop on every visit then it should give you some handy items including Pokecoins. You can use them to get incense which helps to lure Pokemons around you making it fairly easy to capture. Spending on right items will surely help you to have greater achievements.


These tips and tricks will surely benefit your gameplay on Pokemon Go. We hope you will have a great time trying out these tricks to catch new Pokemon and taking them on fight. Try out all of the above tips and tricks to benefit yourself on Pokemon Go. If we missed any tips and tricks that we don’t know of then list them in the comment section below.


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